Can't connect to hitman service


For the past 3 days I have been unable to connect to hitman, I keep getting the unable to connect to hitman service, Failed to fetch online resources from the hitman server error.

Servers Down?
Unable to connect to server xbox

Strange.Something with your internet.


Nah my internet is fine, all my other games and stuff are working normally, its just hitman


If you’re on PC using Steam, try verifying integrity of game cache.


Was it working fine and then stopped working three days ago or have you not played it for a while?


@Travis_IOI I’ve been having the same issues for 4 days now. I’m on XBOX One (Not S or X) and in Mandurah, Western Australia.

When the fame first loads it tries to login and says
"CONNECTION FAILED - Unable to connect to the HITMAN service. Failed to fetch online resources from the HITMAN server. For more information, contact HITMAN support."

If I go into offline mode then try to connect it says
"DISCONNECTED - Your connection to the HITMAN server has been lost. Failed to fetch online resources from the HITMAN server. You have the option to reconnect or return to the menu in offline mode."

Hitting retry makes it try to reconnect for around 10 seconds then it shows the same message again.

I’ve confirmed in the Xbox settings that the NAT type is open and it is IPv4 only. All other XBOX live services are running including the store, messaging and online play in other games.



Sorry I should of mentioned I’m on xbox.
I have been playing regularly and it was all working fine and then it just stopped.
I think it may have stopped working when the new elusive target came out but I’m not certain when that came out.


It doesn’t sound like an isolated case. There is another thread with someone else mentioning a similar problem on Xbox.

Like @Ed_ll3 suggested in that thread, an uninstlal/re-install might solve the problem. I’m on Xbox too and although I’ve been experienced a lot of disconnections recently and painfully slow menu load times (again!) it does eventually reconnect. However, the fact that it happened spontaneously for you and not after an update is most mysterious and an uninstall/re-install may do nothing to help, but it might be worth a try if you can be bothered - it’s a big download!

I wonder if @Travis_IOI can offer any assistance?


I’ve had the game on in the background (inactive at the main menu) for the last couple of hours since replying to Dave in the other thread, and it has disconnected from the server a few times (which is more frequent than it’s been in recent months).

I can still re-connect pretty much immediately, but it might suggest there’s something up server-side on Xbox if various connection problems are occurring atm.


I am also unable to connect to the servers from Australia. I have done a full restart of my XBOX One and retried the connection multiple times. I can’t think of anything else to do. And before you ask its not my internet connection cause I am posting this message from the same connection I am trying to use to connect to tge hitman servers.


I as well have been experiencing this issue on Xbox for the last 3 days. Please somebody fix it. All my other games are fine as well, wouldn’t wanna have to delete and redownload hitman with the GB caps on my internet


I’ve got the same problem, on Xbox and in Australia. Just finished a delete and install with no luck. Been unable to connect for the last 5 days


Another one here on Xbox One from Australia that cannot log in. Not been able to for 3-4days.
Reset internet, xbox, delete/install. All with no luck. Any news on a fix as this does not seem to be an isolated issue


Are the Australia-based players who posted still having problems connecting?

I was trying to play contracts around 5-6pm UK yesterday and was getting a lot of disconnects and re-connect prompts. Will check again today, as it may just have been something UK-side and unrelated to the issue affecting you guys.

Some of us were posting in this thread when there were issues a few months back.

If Travis can’t shed some light on it, maybe @ioi_christianco can help you out.


I’ve flagged this issue with the right people here. Can anyone hitting this issue in the last few days confirm their platform, country and the exact wording of the error message. Thanks! I hope to have an update/good news soon.


@Travis_IOI Brisbane Queensland Australia, XBOX One, error message is “Connection failed. Unable to connect to the Hitman service. Failed to fetch online resources from the Hitman server. For more information, contact Hitman Support.” This is after a delete and reinstall performed yesterday and today.

@Travis_IOI considering this issue seems fairly widespread and extended duration can we get a compensatory extension to the deadline for the current ET?


Thanks for the update. It’s too early to say about any kind of ET extension, but I’ll raise the issue further.

I’ve just heard back from the team and they’re looking at it. There’s one thing that would help us; If you’re having this issue on Xbox One, can you also follow the steps here and say whether your connection is using ipv6?


@Travis_IOI my network is only running IPv4. Should I be using IPv6?


I had the same problem… I just tried to connect about 15 times until I through… tedious but I got the elusive target… I have IPv4 as well


I have IPv6 and I am getting the error