Can't connect to hitman service


@Travis_IOI I am back working with no problems. Seems like the mitigation @ioi_christianco referred to has worked for me…


Hi @jocem009,

Could you confirm you are playing on PC (this thread is about an XBoxOne issue) ?
The ipv6 issue is something we are looking into, but unfortunately there is no easy mitigation for that one.
At the moment our infrastructure provider does not provide ipv6 endpoints for the services we are deployed on, and we are still evaluating options to bypass this limitation until they finally do.

One thing you could try on your side would be for you to connect through a VPN service with ipv4 support.
But of course VPN subscriptions costs a monthly fee (I would advise against using free services beyond short test purposes).


@ioi_christianco Yes, I am playing on PC. I seem to have missed that this thread was about XBone. Hmm, I might try that VPN thing, thank you for suggesting it.


I was able to get online once you made the work around. Unfortunately I missed the Gunrunner elusive target. Will there be a chance that they will come back again in the future?


I just got the GotY edition a few days ago on the Xbox and started having this same issue since Thursday, March 1st. I’m running IPv4, have no other problems with internet connectivity or connectivity to other games. It’s really frustrating not being able to play a single player game because of server issues.


Hey all, I’ve been trying to get the game to work after picking up the GOTY edition yesterday. It was working fine prior, now I’m getting the same connection issue. I’m running IPv4, my NAT type is open, I’ve tried re-installing, and I’ve power-cycled everything half a dozen times. I’ve paid for the content, it’s a single player game, what’s the hold up? What can I do besides returning the game?


What platform are you playing on?


Hi from France! I’m playing on PS4 and I’ve been having the same issues since a few month (Connection Failed). I tried with another wifi networks, with another PS4 (different wifi) and the problem is still here. I’ve tried with the PSN ID of my brother on my console and he can connect to the server. So I think the problem is from my PSN identification on the hitman server. Can you help me ?


Same here. Got the GOTY, started playing, worked fine (PS4). Now, it won’t connect to the servers - pretty disappointing, especially with what seems like zero support from IOI.


As far as I know it’s only like that on PS4. Has to do with a certain setting I heard. IO is currently also working on the glitch where you cant play the spring pack if you own the intro pack (demo) so I am sure they will look into it soon enough.


I am on Xbox and the situation seems to be getting worse for me I have been getting many more disconnects recently and sometimes I cannot even play the game - though everything else (games and apps) work fine on my Xbox. I am in the U.S.A.


I think it has to do with tomorrow… It’s also on Pc


Same here. I’m in Atlanta, Georgia USA and I cannot connect to the servers on xbox. My connection uses ethernet and my connection is top notch. All other games operate fine. My upload/download speeds are high. I just recently reinstalled hitman yesterday or the day before and I NEVER had this issue till now. The only difference is I bought the GOTY edition so I could have the new content. So clearly this issue is massive and falls back on Devs to fix.

It seems to be this last update. In game issues have happened before with hitman after updates…


Same issue here in France.
Can’t connect, so i can’t unlock achhievments, make scores etc… wich is very annoying because it’s the heart of the game.
If you can’t score the game lose 50% interest.

Please people from IO Interactive if you read that, this is not just a little issue, it’s a game Killing issue, so fix this soon as you can thanks in advance.


Issues here with me too. Managed to play through the whole of training and Paris level yesterday (about 6/7 hours) with no issues, then today about 3 hours into Sapienza i disconnect. I restarted system and waited for an hour or so and I connected fine, half hour later im disconnecting every 10 minutes until it finally gives up and doesnt let me reconnect.

“Your connection to the HITMAN server has been lost. Failed (server error) to communicate with the HITMAN server.”

incredibly annoying.


before that error code mentioned above, i also get:

“Unable to load the requested menu. Please retry the request, or contact HITMAN support if this preoblem persists”

when i press retry, i get the other error


Yeah, the game’s annoying me at the moment. I’m lucky if I can connect at all, and I’ve been getting strange bugs that other players apparently haven’t.

I’ve loved the game since it was released, and I’ve had nothing but praise for it, but right now I’m kinda glad I didn’t pre-order Season 2.


Me too! This is absolutely ridiculous


I’m in Sydney, Australia and having the same issues with HITMAN 1 (and seems like 2 as well).
Never able to connect, just see “Connection Failed - unable to connect to the Hitman service. Failed to fetch online resources from the Hitman server” after hitting Retry continually.


Hi @Joel_sf,

Can you tell me what platform you are playing on ?
Also, what kind of bandwidth do you have ?