Can't connect to hitman service


Hi, I don’t know if these threads are checked anymore, but I can’t connect to the hitman servers either. It’s the same issue as everyone else. I’ve never been able to connect to the servers because of this issue. I got the free PS plus version a while back and it didn’t work then, nor does it work Now that I’ve bought the goty edition. I’m on ps4. Thanks


It’s irritating because you can’t unlock anything


And I’ve also been having this issue on hitman 2 as well


Yes I had it this morning (UK time) on Hitman 2


I’m in UK too. It’s so annoying. I’ve never even been able to connect


Hello, just picked up the game through Steam, will not connect but played the first part, beach house, offline.

Windows 10
External firewall
Orlando FL USA

What are the advantages to connecting?

I will spend a little time looking through logs and debugging, really don’t want to start up wireshark and play that ‘game’.

8 )


By adding a whitelist rule with regular expression I can connect now, will see if anything else gets blocked while I go through the training.

[edit: I had the regex here but the formatting garbled it!]

Are there any other URLs I need to add?


29/01/19 Same issue here, I’m on the original Xbox One neither X or S.Whenever I try to connect I get prompted with: "Unable to connect to the Hitman 2 Service.Failed to fetch dynamic resources from the Hitman 2 server."I have thoroughly checked my console for issues but it remains fine and as far as I’m aware my internet is fine too, please address this issue.