Can't connect to hitman service

Hi, I don’t know if these threads are checked anymore, but I can’t connect to the hitman servers either. It’s the same issue as everyone else. I’ve never been able to connect to the servers because of this issue. I got the free PS plus version a while back and it didn’t work then, nor does it work Now that I’ve bought the goty edition. I’m on ps4. Thanks

It’s irritating because you can’t unlock anything

And I’ve also been having this issue on hitman 2 as well

Yes I had it this morning (UK time) on Hitman 2

I’m in UK too. It’s so annoying. I’ve never even been able to connect

Hello, just picked up the game through Steam, will not connect but played the first part, beach house, offline.

Windows 10
External firewall
Orlando FL USA

What are the advantages to connecting?

I will spend a little time looking through logs and debugging, really don’t want to start up wireshark and play that ‘game’.

8 )

By adding a whitelist rule with regular expression I can connect now, will see if anything else gets blocked while I go through the training.

[edit: I had the regex here but the formatting garbled it!]

Are there any other URLs I need to add?

29/01/19 Same issue here, I’m on the original Xbox One neither X or S.Whenever I try to connect I get prompted with: "Unable to connect to the Hitman 2 Service.Failed to fetch dynamic resources from the Hitman 2 server."I have thoroughly checked my console for issues but it remains fine and as far as I’m aware my internet is fine too, please address this issue.

2/19/19 Connection Failed - Failed to fetch configuration from the Hitman server

Playing Definitive Edition on XboxOne.

It’s insane that this problem has persisted for so long. It is game breaking. The devs should be ashamed. I noticed that the IO reps seem to have fled, as their solutions don’t work. This problem is only happening with Hitman, not any other games.


From what a repliee on my thread says for a good bit, the problem was fixed.
Then it went onto this. Thus far I haven’t see solid proof that PC & PS is affected.
Also for some only 2016 Hitman is affected and others Hitman 2. Seems to me that alot of the affected are in Europe. My guess is a local server trouble or something like that.
Many people have stated that this is why singeplayers like Hitman shouldn’t have a dependence with online connections.
Might help to go onto the more recent threads than necroing a year old one

There shouldn’t be an option to pay for a game if it isn’t going to work on download. No way to contact the devs, absolutely no hope… I just purchased the game. What am I supposed to do?

Is the one whom has updated me, currently it’s unknown what’s causing this to happen.
Secondly, for about the year I’ve had Hitman, it’s worked perfectly and this issue has only been around for about a month. If you’ve got it on steam, you could get a refund if you act quickly.
Otherwise sit tight and be patient.

Got it on xbox. Does this mean they’re having issues across all platforms? Would it be possible for them to turn off the online necessity?

This pops up now and then on all platforms. However the majority of the ones affected recently I assume to be on Xbox. If it was just Hitman 2016, then I could simply tell you that Hitman 1 Xbox Server is probably screwed, but some people have complained about Hitman 2.
Which leads me to believe there might be problems with account sync.
I’ve messaged them on old Twitter just to be sure but there’s a good 3/4 threads on this so I’m sure they’re working hard given that before it was merely contracts that were screwed and now it’s all royally F*D

It’s frustrating how difficult it is to connect with them directly. There seems to be no actual way to know what’s going on or how long this is going to last…

Hey i’ve same problem i can’t go online i’m on pc please help

Same I’m in America in keeps happening and I just got a hard copy

Dropped by to say me too.
It’s game-breaking and I’ve stopped playing.
It’s just too frustrating.