Cant connect to the Hitman 2 servers


Okay. My brother buy Gold edition and he was normally playing Hitman 2 from 9th november (I believe) That was untill today. He cant connect to the Hitman 2 servers, try restart steam so many times, try verify files nothing work

He keeps getting this error


According to the servers are up on every platform. What platform is your brother playing on?


He is playing on PC so through the steam .

Connection is fine


It may be maintenance, check the official HITMAN™ Twitter, it may have some info:


I had one weird issue with the servers on PS4 once this past Saturday. The servers appeared to have gone down and I was disconnected and pressing Retry to attempt to reconnect didn’t work. So I quit to main menu, rebooted the game and everything was fine. No idea why my game mistakingly thought the servers were down but it did. Still…only had that happen once in what I think must be over 20 hours of gameplay so far so not too terrible.


Yeah the weird thing is that he own Gold edition so he was playing the game from 9th november normally but now from nowhere he got this error

“failed to fetch configuration from the hitman 2 server”


It’s happening to me too. About an hour ago I couldn’t connect anymore. Getting the same message. Literally just downloaded the game and I can’t even play it!


Dont wanna sound like a di… but i am glad he is not the only one lol
Can i ask you from where are ? Maybe we are close to each other so thats why we got the problem


I’m in Arkansas. And I know it’s not an internet problem because I’m connected to Ethernet.


Ohh okay… Czech Republic here so thats not the case lol


Hi @Cuniceq, @Jonly,

What I can tell is that servers are working nominally at the moment, despite the important activity generated by the launch.

The error message you are getting, if it appears as the very first step of the connection, could mean that you are not able to establish a secure connection to our services.
On PC it can be caused by AntiVirus intercepting secure communications coming from the game, usually the feature causing the issue is called something along the line of “Web Security”. You can try to disable it.

A good way to be sure is to check the certificate you are connecting with as described here


Czech here, playing on Steam as well, i got no problems.


Hey @ioi_christianco
The thing is, he dont have avast. He have Windows defender and it is even turned off.
Also he was normally playing from 9th november cause of that Gold edition and it was starting doing that today.

btw. here is the SSL Certificate


Hey again.

Dont know why but its working normally today.
Thanks for the help


Hey, Indian here…getting the connection error message on Hitman 2 on PS4(slim)… HELP



Connection problem since 2-3 days after latest update (Steam, French user). Any idea where it might come from?


All servers should be currently up.