Can't download the Siberia map [PS4]

So, I have tried to download the Siberia Sniper-Map but I can’t find the Content in the PS Store or in the Add on section. I tried everything, so yeah pls help.

Please be patient. It might not have been available to your location’s PSN store yet.

The release time for this location will vary depending on your platform and region. Here is a full list of the release times for the new map and when you can begin downloading.

July 30th

Xbox One (Global) 13:00 UTC
PS4 (Europe) 13:00 UTC
PS4 (North America) 15:00 UTC
PC (Global) 17:00 UTC

July 31st

PS4 (Asia) 03:00 UTC
PS4 (Japan) 03:00 UTC

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Same problem in Germany. Shouldve been out for 2,5 hours already.


In Italy too. On PS store it doesn’t exist

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As of an hour ago, IOI is currently working with PlayStation to investigate this issue.

Hey PS4 players in Europe! We know that Siberia hasn’t arrived on the store yet and we’re talking with our friends at PlayStation to figure out what’s delaying it. When we know more, we’ll tell you.
Thanks for sticking with us.


Same here in Greece.I guess I ll play it tomorrow !!!

Funny thing , this non-Hitman Cat avatar popping up first on the results, while refreshing for the past 3 hous :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully an official Hitman avatar/theme will make its way to PsStore!!!

Bonjour moi aussi même problèmes

Update from IOI:

Unfortunately, we need to announce that our Siberia map is delayed for PS4 EU players due to issues with the PS Europe Store, which are out of our control.

Our team did everything possible to get the map out today. Current ETA is tomorrow (July 31). Thank you for understanding.


Thanks for the info, roll on tomorrow!

I’m not in Europe, but I’ve got problems, do I just assume everything will be sorted tomorrow, like the Europe problems?

I’m in New Zealand.

I can confirm you that even Asian users (the last region to release the map) can now download it. Maybe something went wrong on NZ’s PSN. When exactly did you download the Bank level last month?

Still not possible to download it here in germany… Big minus!

Still not available on europe ps store

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Yes, thank you trash PS store.

Also in New Zealand, still nothing. Might check out the Keanu Reeves movie ‘Siberia’ that shows up in 4th position in the search results while I wait

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Does anyone know exactly when the siberia map comes out for ps4 europe?

No. The only info is later today.

I hope today will start :slight_smile:

Checking their twitter account every 10 minutes after today’s post and waiting for an official time of release!!Hopefully today & without maintenance…

imo - this is why IO should release the DLC on the store’s before the release date (like 24 hours) because the DLC is useless without the patch to enable the content…