Cant drown the Knox family

Poisoned the milk and the chilli and the trophy with rat poison. Poisoned the eye drops with rat poison. All they do is throw up in the nearest bin. They will not go to a toilet so I can drown them. So annoying. Any ideas anyone?

It is a bug since the most recent patch. Try getting Robert when he is using eye drops with a coin and sierra with a coin too during the vitamins mission story.


Muahahhaha don’t you love when you are ready to drown and they throw up in a busket? :joy::joy::joy:

“[Ugh, ughhh…]”
*enters the restroom*
“Oh, there’s a perfectly nice toilet here… Naah, let me puke all over that bin next to it”


Well that sucks. Thanks for replying though mate.

To be honest poisoned npc’s should only use the bins if another npc is throwing up or using the toilet normally.

In which case they would head to another toilet unless they see a bin along the way.

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We as the player, should be able to pick up/take away the small bins and move them around to different locations haha

at least then we could move ones close to the toilet so the target has no choice but to use the toilet.

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Only if you’re staff though. :slight_smile: would be a bit suspect otherwise.

Pick it up and stash it in a hidey crate/wardrobe.

or, just put an explosive in it and blow it up lol

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With regards to drowning, the player should be able to drown a ko’d target/npc by dragging them to it to make it look like an accident. :slight_smile: