Cant get leap of faith exit to open in contracts

I completed a contract of 5 targets, got the Drake disguise, told Constantin to follow me to the freezer until he said “this is what happened to cousing Wilson” and a sound sounded. Went behind the effigy where one of the twins set herself on fire but there is nothing there, no exit no nothing, and thats the only exit of the contract.

Am I doing something wrong? Is it bugged?

Are you talking about creation or playthrough? Because the exit isn’t available in creation, didn’t even let me talk to the butler while wearing the disguise. I think it’s safe to assume it’s not available in Contracts mode

i asked the author of the contract and he said its the leap of faith exit… i also tried literally every other exit and none of them works, even the helicopter one with the flare.

Weird, I specifically tried to create it myself but wasn’t working for me; I must have missed a step. Is there a catch like you have to kill the story mission characters (Washingtons) even though they’re not targets? Apparently that’s what you have to do to in Miami to get the Pale Rider exit, you have to kill the Knoxes even though they’re not targets in custom contracts

The contract Im trying to complete has the twins as targets, as well as the constant, drake and jebediah block.

No idea then, I’m afraid. But you’ve got me interesting and I’ll try look into it tomorrow. So this contract has required exit, and it doesn’t even show up in game for you, not even as locked or anything?

no, it doesnt show anything. in an old contract in miami it had required exit the ambulance but it didnt show up as locked or anything, but would show the icon to interact if you got close, thats why in this contract i tried to get close to all the exits, but none works.