Cant get SA rating on death factory and fight night

i completed these two missions on hard, everything done by procedure, got SA rating in submisons but overall rating is Shadow. I posted screenshots of every submision so you maybe tell me what is wrnog. Tried many times but always get Shadow rating

PS please visit whole album at postimage because I cant post here more than 1 image

that is the TOTAL level score, meaning it is the score for the entire chapter (in our case, death factory and fight night). in absolution you are only able to get the silent assassin rating for the entire chapter if each level in the chapter has at least one target to eliminate. since death factory and fight night both have one level where there are no targets, you can only get silent assassin for the remaining levels that do have targets.

Don’t worry, you’ve got the highest rank possible. The reason why overall rank it’s called “Shadow” and not “Silent Assassin” is because IO have projected it this way.

@Niobium I do understand what you are saying but how about this fella? He managed to ge overall SA rating

i know this is pursuit diff but I found one that pass on Normal and also get SA

Because this guy played on console. It works different of each platform - on pc it works how Niobium said.

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@640509_0401_47 I played on console too. Just on PS3, these two did on xbox

So probably you can obtain SA in this lvl only on xbox.

i had no idea the rating system was totally different on PS3, 360 and PC.

absolution’s rating system is fucked up lmao

I had identical problem like milospinkfloyd a long time ago. Then I even saw the same video which he posted and also couldn’t understand how it works. You’re right - Absolution have really stupid rank system. Other popular bug is that your rank will “disappear” when you run mission in contract mode. (Points are saving but game shows Agent)

that is only logical explanation as there are dosen of videos played by PS3 and also only shadow rating. Only xbox manage to get SA