Can't Open Inventory Sometimes While Running


So far, I haven’t experienced this problem on PlayStation 4. Whenever I’m running and press one of the inventory buttons, it opens the inventory no problemo. But I’ve noticed that sometimes (not all the time) while I am running and I try to open my inventory, it doesn’t open. It generally depends on RNG if it’ll open my inventory or not. Sometimes when I try to open my inventory while running, it makes the declinded ‘ding’ sound. Others, it simply just doesn’t do anything. I do have an older laptop and runs hitman kind of slow, but I don’t think this should stop the inventory from opening at all, neither the less make the declined action sound while attempt. I should also mention my inventory always opens when I’m in an area with not many NPCs in the room, rooms nearby and in floors nearby above and below.


All pc players have that problem, u have to stop pressing everything else before pressing the inventory button


Hm. Nice to know that. But why does it work on console? Also, it tends to do it more frequently for me.


Idk… Probably because consoles use controllers tbh If u try a controller on pc, u won’t have the problem


It’s not a pc issue, it’s a keyboard issue. You need to upgrade your keyboard. There are gaming keyboards that allow you to press as many keys as you want and all will have instant input. Cheaper/normal keyboards can only input so many presses until other keys become void.

Hope that helps.


I have this problem too without being it a keyboard issue.

Right at the start of the mission, opening the inventory while running generates a ingame sound, as if I was trying to do something which doesn’t work. After some seconds of spamming the key it opens. This is no keyboard issue as the sound of the game makes you know that the key input signal is reaching the game. It just doesn’t work then.


old sport, release the sprint button for a split sec at same time as you press inventory. doesnt affect your running. practice some and you are golden. señor paco aka cj told me this when i changed to kb+m.


Well basic keyboards are not able to use multiple inputs at the same time. Once a certain amount of keys are pressed and held in (I don’t recall the specific amount), they make all other keys void until you let them go. I’m not sure if that’s the issue but I’m guessing as that’s what it sounds like.


This wasn’t the problem for me, indicated by the ingame ‘action declinded’ sound. But thanks for helping.

I thought you had to release the walk and sprint button. Better try this later on!


I play almost entirely with my mouse (other than WASD movement) and usually don’t have issues opening inventory unless I’m in animation lock from another action, which does happen at times. If you have the buttons available, try binding some features like sprinting or inventory opening to the mouse. I can’t say for sure this is a keyboard issue but if there’s one thing I’ve rarely ever had trouble with it’s opening my inventory while moving.