Can't play first season of Hitman

So I am really angry, I bought Hitman first season a while ago on PSN store and it worked fine all the missions their as I have enclosed proof of my save data.
But i play now recently and I go to continue where I left off and none of the episodes are there; only Paris which is FREE with the trial since I upgraded from a trial so my question is how the hell do I get what I paid for? I click get access and it says it isn’t available on PSN store; it just vanished; the only option is to buy GOTY version which I don’t want to since I already bought the first season which I can’t play. Please someone help.

Im on PS4 in UK.15154408729991673041491

@Travis_IOI That’s looking like an immensely peculiar issue right there

Thank you for replying I am in need of urgent help; this issue is really annoying me

Try this:

I tried that and it still doesn’t work.
The episodes aren’t even individually on the PSN store anymore so I can’t even redownload it; only the GOTY edition is.

@Travis_IOI hello? sorry if im being annoying I just want to play a game that i bought.

Did you delete the game at all? What is the total install size that you can see?

Please try going to the HITMAN icon on your PS4 and then all the way down to the PSN Store icon and then across to Your Add-ons. Here you can redownload the episodes you bought.

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i tried that it just shows Paris and the size of the game is 32GB

This sounds off. I’d have to check when I get home but it’s about 9MB per episode right?

i have no clue, i just wanna play the game :pensive:

9MB is about size of an oversized unlock key. 32GB sounds about right for the whole game to me, but that’s on Xbox One.

@Travis_IOI help me please

OK, highlight the HITMAN icon, press the options button and look at installed content. The full game is about 55GB on PS4, so it sounds like you have a combination of episodes installed. What does that list show?

Try clicking on the ones that you are missing through the in-game store and this will take you to the download page.

Did you always buy all episodes on this account and with this PS4? Anything else ‘special’ that might get in the way of how things ‘should’ work here?

I knew 32GB for the whole game was ridiculously low.

the list shows just Paris and when I try download the other episodes from the in-game menu it says it is not for sale on PSN store.

Yes i bought all the episodes on the same account on one PS4 and no everything is legit no special things

I’m having the same issues on PS4 in US. Difference is, I don’t have prior saved data