Can't purchase the GOTY Upgrade


Hello. I’m having a very weird problem when trying to purchase the Goty Upgrade on PS4.
When i go to the PS store it says that it’s “Not available for purchase” and when i click on more info it says that i can’t buy it because i don’t own the full game, which is weird because i do own the Complete First Season on disc.

That brings me to another confusing problem, which is that in my games library the game is registered as if i only had the first episode… maybe this issue is preventing me for being able to get the Upgrade?
Is there any way to solve this issue? or am i screwed for buying it on disc?

Thanks for the help.


Nevermind. I can buy it from the in-game menu after installing the update.


Yes, always check the in-Game store menu for upgrade options. Depending on country and platform, there are a few variations on the upgrade.


hi travis, is the GOTY upgrade not available in PSN Asia ??


I have the same issue. I can’t buy the GOTY upgrade, i can’t access it from the in-game menu neither. It still says not available for purchase. I’m on PS4, i have the disc version of the game, and i’m on Italy.


Do you have all of the episodes installed on your machine and what exactly does the in-game store tell you when you try to purchase the upgrade pack?


Thanks for replying.

I have alla the episode installed, and i have the disc release. Until yesyerday, when trying to purchuse the GOTY upgrade, it sais "this product is not available yet or is no more available ". From the Ps store, it says that i’m not able to purchase the upgrade, and it shows that i have the summer bonus episode installed.

I didn’t checked today, and actually i can’t check it. I’ll try in the next hours.


I have the full experience, so in the PS store there is one Intro Pack GOTY upgrade which i can’t buy because i don’t have the Intro Pack, the next is The Complete First Season GOTY upgrade which i can buy.

The Intro Pack Upgrade is utilgjengelig = unavailable since i have the full experience or full season 1…

so this i can buy.

Maybe you are trying to buy the wrong version?


I’m not sure about this. I remember i wasn’t able to purchase any GOTY version/upgrade from the ps store until yesterday. And the in-game shop still showed as unavailable any GOTY upgrade (not Patient Zero campagn and escalations neither).
I still need to check it today, but for now i"m not on my home. I’ll try later and report here.


Just tryed now, i still haven’t access to any GOTY upgrade. :persevere:


Ah man, that’s sucks. What if you start Hitman 2016 and enter the store through/via the game?


Just tried, it still says "this item is not available yet or no more available ".

I begin to lose any hope now. :disappointed_relieved:


Hm, i’m not sure what it could be, you are trying to buy it with the same account as you used when you bought Hitman 2016? Have you changed PS4 after you bought Hitman 2016? if you have, is your current PS4 set to be your primary system? But i don’t know if is this is the reason for your problem.

Activate your PS4™ system as your primary system, using your Sony Entertainment Network account. Activating your system enables these features:

Anyone who uses your primary PS4™ system can use applications you purchase from PlayStation™Store.

You could also try to contact Sony:


Thank You for replying.

Btw, i own only one ps4, and i bought the Hitman Steelbook edition. But i forgot to tell that it was an used copy, in fact i was forced to buy the summer bonus episode, because the download code attached was already used by the previous owner and it was no longer available.

Could be this the reason? Maybe if i would bought the game digitally i wouldn’t get any trouble with the GOTY upgrade? But my game still received any previous upgrade, including the very recent patch released yesterday.

However, following your suggestioni, i checked my account managment, and my ps4 is already set as main sistem. But thanks anyways for providing help.:wink:

Edit: from the in-game store, i have access to every all dlc released to S1, even the previous episode that i already have (those can be even purchased, even if i already those installed from the disc version of the game), and also the requiem pack (that i still haven’t bought yet): only the GOTY content seems locked.


I don’t think so, since you could buy and play the summer bonus episode, i’m running out of ideas :flushed:.


Well, no problem, still thank you for the support anyway!:wink:


I’m still stuck with this situation. I even tried to uninstall, then re-install the game: everything going fine, even the recent patches were reinstalled without any trouble (so i have again the last version of the game), but anyways i still can’t access to GOTY.

I noticed the GOTY is still not showing neither on the ps4 ui (the one related on the “HITMAN application”); the only dlc i can purchase from there is still the requiem pack (which i don’t own yet). It’s almoust the same situation as going from the in-game shop.

I even tried creating a new ps4 account, but still nothing: from there i can purchase the full game upgraded on GOTY , but obviuosly i don’t want to pay 69.99€ for the full experiece wich i always own.

I think the problem is maybe related to the ps4 store at this point.


It’s like the store dosen’t register that you own the disc version or something, but then you should not have a option to buy the requiem pack, but i also suspect the PS store is the problem, have you tried to contact Sony support?
Tell them that you own the disc version, but you can’t buy the GOTY upgrade and maybe take a screenshot of the installed game and a screenshot of the unavailable content in the store.


I could try. Thank You as usual.


So, you have the disc version installed and you purchased the Bonus Episode digitally? That should be all you need to get the GOTY Upgrade.