Can't purchase the GOTY Upgrade


Yes, i have the disc version and purchased lately the summer bonus, but i can buy the GOTY yet, still now.

I have a doubt: i purchased the Steelbook edition from gamestop, but it was an already used version: in fact the redimed code attached to the game was already used, for this i was forced to buy the summer episode.

Could be this the reason?

Thank you for replying.


Hi Travis,

I’ve the same problem than Loner. I’m trying to get the goty upgrade for many days without success…


I have the same problem as Loner. It should be related to the region of the PSN a/c.
I am from HK and my disc is EU region, so I created an UK a/c for the game.
I can’t upgrade the game unless using my UK PSN a/c.
Hope this can help.


Did it worked with you?
So, should i create a psn account from other region?


At least I can access to the purchase page of GOTY ver.
I doesn’t have UK credit card so I still not buy it.
PS store does not accept my HK credit card.

Finally I bought a redeem code online and purchased the game update.
It can run on my HK PSN a/c. My problem solved.


I See. So it seems the problem won’t be solved neither in this way.:frowning_face:


I have exactly the same issue and live in the UK, i feel by the looks of it, its a EU/Europe problem, (the guy in another thread from china said his version was a eu one with a uk account)


@Clyde @Loner @reject101

We’re tracking all of the cases related to players not being able to get access to the upgrade. Thanks for your patience whilst we work on this.


@Travis_IOI thank you very much for the support. I hope for good news.:grinning:


Me too, only got the disc version a week or so ago then they announced the GOTY version so very much hope i can upgrade!


Hmmm… I can see this…


I bought the intro pack and bought the other episodes seperate digitally and it’s not letting me buy the goty pack either.


I had the same problem (PS4 Steelbook edition). I already had the bonus episodes (icon / landslide / house built on sand),
but what I did not have was the blood money requiem pack.

Yesterday I purchsed the requiem pack and suddenly I was finally able to purchase goty upgrade…of course I do not know if this works for all of you, but it solved my problem. Ok it is not quite fair that you have to buy this package for 5 Euros to get access to goty for another 20 Euros…but it worked.


It worked!

I bought the requiem pack from the game store. After that, i haved finally access to PZ content!

Thanks mate. I own you one!:grinning:

Now, let’s fucking play the source!!!:sunglasses:


Yes, it works.
But it’s totally abnormal to be forced to buy an unwanted content to access another.
I wait the tuesday update of the PS Store and see if the problem is solved.
If it’s not, I’ll play to another game.


IBtw, personally, i don’t bother: i still have an additional suit, and also a little extra expense for me is not a big deal. At last i finally can play the new campaign and the other content.
But i See your point. You’re not totally wrong.


Could I give you my Paypal for the 4,99 € ?
I’m only joking. :smiley:
Have a good evening and a good game !


Lol, thank you.:wink:


I’m in Singapore. Cannot buy Hitman GOTY from PSN Asia. What happened? Cnontacted PSN store in Singapore, they claimed that it is the game publisher’s problem and not their problem!


GOTY release was total mess. Lot of issues in buying game/DLC. In some cases only ingame buying link option works. This should be lesson learned for IOI.