Can't purchase the GOTY Upgrade


I haved the same issue time ago.
If you have the disc release of the game, you need also to own all the previous dlc (requiem pack and summer bonus episode). After that, you can purchase the GOTY upgrade from the in-game shop, because it seems the only way to obtain it. Better to use the game’s shop for any hitman related purchase.

Btw, keep in mind there is not additional download: all the goty contents it’s already present in the game’s source after the last patch, but it’s locked until you pay for those. I confess i’m a bit upset for that.


Do I need to upload the documentary and the soundtrack that comes with the steelbook? Also tried uploading the requiem pack. Still same problem. Help please?

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I guess not. I think the dlc are enough.


Hey. Im from Singapore too. Did you manage to solve this? I have the same issue and im not getting any response from the hitman team here or from twitter


See my post in this thread regarding PSN and Asia.

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Hello Travis. PS4 users who are subscribed to playstation plus recently got the complete first edition of Hitman for free. I downloaded it and I am thoroughly enjoying the game. I am willing to spend money on this game as i really want other outfits, escalations and I would like to play the patient zero missions. However, when i go to the in-game store and try to purchase the game of the year upgrade, requiem pack or GOTY outfit bundle, an error message pops up and i am unable to purchase anything. The error reads " There is no content. It might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale." I am extremely disappointed as i really want to play the new escalation missions, patient zero and i also want to purchase new outfits. It seems like this problem has being going on for lots of people for a while now. I hope something will be done about this matter. I’m based in Singapore and im sure im playing the right region of the game as i downloaded it from the playstation store. Please advise.!


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I am having the same problem Ian. Got it free from being a ps plus member like you.

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Im having the same problem. Got the game from PSN subscribe. Just finished the game, and cannot buy the GOTY upgrade…


I got the game from PlayStation plus free game sector, too.
Then I bought GOTY upgrade and Hitman 2 from PlayStation Store.
After I download GOTY DLC, the DLC seems works on Hitman 2 but not on the Hitman 1.

PlayStation support staff told me that my GOTY version matches the Hitman 1 version.
They don’t know why it does not work, I need to contact Hitman support.

Any solutions?


You say you can’t play Patient Zero campaign in HITMAN 2016 game?
But at the same time you can play it in HITMAN 2?


I’ve finished the source in Hitman 2. ID Theocritus, global rank 2,451, score 162,020.

And I can’t play it in HITMAN 2016.