Can't redeem the Legacy Pack - H1 not available on PSN



I just bought Hitman 2, having previously owned H1 with PS plus, I thought the legacy pack would be available. Then I learned that I need to start H1 and go from there, but the problem is, the H1 game that I owned, is not on PSN anymore, only the GOTY version exists.
According to my IOI account, I do own H1 and H2, but I’m unable to add the legacy pack to H2 or even play H1 itself.

Edit: I even got the Legacy Aluminium Travel Suitcase, in which it even said thanks for buying H1 and we hope you enjoy H2, or something rather


Go into your purchased Library inside the store and re-download HITMAN from there.

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Wow, I guess I missed that. Works, thanks!