Cant start any missions

After finishing a mission I was disconnected right before the challenge list popped up.

Pressing the RETRY button immediately reconnected me and correctly applied the score. But right after I loaded into main menu and tried to start another mission I got a “Error starting contract” message.
Now I can’t start any missions from Hitman 2, Legacy pack or contracts because of the very same repeating error. The game basically became unplayable for me unless I try to start in offline mode.
P.S. I would like to know if there is a place where I could submit an actual support ticket.

Try Hitman’s official support website, you can create a ticket there.

But if you are lucky some of the IO staff who’s active here on the forum might notice.

Or try this thread.

Screenshot of the error itself.

The exact same issue happened to me a few days ago. I deleted the application and re-downloaded it and it fixed the problem. I also deleted all my saves in case.

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That did the trick, thank you.

I am playing on PS4 and I’ve been having some trouble. I bought Hitman 2 2 days ago and after downloading the game, when I try and play Miami or any other mission it says “Installing 82%” I reinstalled the game 3 times already and one night I left my PS4 like that on the Hitman home screen but the missions still didn’t load. Next night I tried to close the app but leave the disk in there so maybe it’ll work. No result.
And sometimes when I want to start Hitman 2 it says that the disc is dirty but after I restart the PS4 it works. Maybe there is a problem with the disk?


Have you found a solution? As I am suffering from the same issue