Can't unlock the remote emp charge :(

Hey guys

I completed successfully all the stories mission challenges, but I still can’t unlock the remote emp charge, for some reason it still says me “you need to complete the all 3 story mission challenges” :confused:

Any idea, anyone ?

Turn opportunities on, and follow the mission story exactly, from objective to objective.

Certain ones won’t be “complete” unless you do them exactly (i.e. using a specific rat poison on the map instead of an emetic vial you brought with)

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Thanks for your answer. You mean I should do them again, even if the stories are already marked as “complete” ?

Yes, once you finish the mission, the story that the game isn’t registering as “complete” should show itself in one of the post-mission screens

Indeed one of the stories was not followed up “properly”, I dit it again “by the book”, it worked, I unlocked the emp charge.

Thanks pal !

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