Caption That! 💬 Game

A game to pass some time…

Very simple. One person posts one photo of absolutely anything (keep it appropriate) and then 3 different members “Caption It”

Once 3 people made their captions, the person who originally posted the photo or in case that person is not available (the 3rd person to make their caption) creates a poll including the names of the 3 people. The person who has the most votes within a 24 hour period then goes on to post a photo for others to caption and so on…

If there is a tie between 2 people — the person in the poll with the least amount of votes will make the final decision on the winner between the two.)

First Picture To Caption


How To Create a Poll


:arrow_down: (put a space after the - )
-Name 1
-Name 2
-Name 3


:arrow_up: Use / instead of .

Should look like this…

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“Did I leave the bat-oven on?” -Batman.


“Harvey Dent…can he be trusted?” - Batman.


“Remember, no Marvel”


Things got awkward when Batman realized Superman had farted

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Who won? Vote now…
(24 hours)

Sorry @Gontranno47 (first three only, but good one) :+1:

Sorry, I didn’t see the rules :smile:

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This image reminded me of this meme format:

7 more hours the poll above will be closed. Vote now on your favorite!

Poll is now closed… @Pollisya_Hotel is the winner!
Congrats, your turn!!


Thanks. Fortunately, I’ve got a pic that is ideal for this game.


“Hey look the original sequel trilogy plans!”

“Simp alert!”

“Thanks for all the merchandise money, nerds!”

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Should of ended it with nerds :man_shrugging:

I have now. There seems to be no rule against changing the quote before the poll is put up.

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Let’s roll

Yeah I didn’t specify, but people are free to change their captions at anytime BEFORE the polls are up. You’re good.

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The funny part is the merchandise rights only pertained to George Lucas.

Well it could be for Indiana Jones in that case Spielberg and Lucas get the money I bet. Ford might get paid for the use of his likeness for both franchises.