Carry over complete but stories all showing 0-complete

So, It says I have now completed the carryover of my previous games, yet…I seem to be missing achievements as well as missing all the stories :frowning:

Here is a Screen Pic of an exmaple Destination from my Hitman 2 game

and from Hitman 3 after carryover

Does anyone else have the same issue?

same here. all reset at 0. What a clusterf******

So, not just me then…:frowning:

The discerning viewer will also note the # of challenges is reduced in Hitman 3 vs 2.

Also, all my Escalations have been reset to the 1st level as well…



So sad…

Should also say, I have yet to go looking to see what unlocks I’m missing now as well :frowning:
is there ANYWHERE to go to report this, or is it a sit and wait?

I’ve still got all the missions greyed out for Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2. I’ve followed all the guidance and it’s still not working :expressionless: