Carry over issues

Platform: PC
Disc or digital? Digital

Location: All Hitman 2 levels

Description : Tell us about the problem in a few lines
I used the carry over tool. My progression from Hitman 1&2 have carried over but the maps have only carried over from Hitman 1. When I try to load the maps from Hitman 2 it tells me that I need to gain access. I have contacted Epic and they told me to post here.

Frequency Constantly.

First of all, no need in a separate thread when you can post it in Technical or Bug Report threads.
Second of all, it’s not an issue, and all works as intended.
The thing is HITMAN 2 game is not present on Epic Store and this caused this situation.
If you have HITMAN 2 on Steam, you have to wait until developers sort things out and give H2 levels for free to those who own HITMAN 2 on Steam.
If you don’t have HITMAN 2 on Steam or don’t want to wait, you may buy HITMAN 2 Access Pass with 80% off for the first 14 days after HITMAN 3 launch and get all the levels immidiately.
After 14 days you’ll have to buy the Access Pack for a full price. But developers promise to set a discounts regularly.
And finally, it’s currently unknown how long it will take for developers to make it work


Hi, thanks for your reply.
I did a quick look around Google but couldn’t find any info. What you said makes perfect sense. I didn’t even realise that was the case.
I’m guessing everyone is having this issue then, i surprised they didn’t sort that out before release. They can’t seriously expect people to buy the maps again.

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