Carryover my progression

when I carryover my Progression from HITMAN2 to HITMAN3,my level and my Mastery be reset。
i also can’t access this website:(【 Error 403 - Forbidden
The web app you have attempted to reach has blocked your access.】

so what should i do?

I just trying logging into my IOI account and got the same error. After I little digging, I saw this on

IOI account and the carryover page are currently unavailable depending on your region. The issue is being investigated.

Unfortunately it looks like the only thing you can do is wait for them to fix whatever issue they’re having on their end. :man_shrugging:


Support’s answer :


Would probably be helpful for the IOI and/or HITMAN Twitter handles to post a tweet saying that the progress transfer site is currently down, would presumably pre-empt a bunch of identical queries that their Zendesk will be getting today.


Yes I agree. I added the message above on but their social networks have a much larger audience :thinking:


Issue fixed for me. Both and are now available in my country.

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Works now. Confirm

We were enabling Steam progression carryover for

More details: HITMAN 3 - Steam Release - #132 by Travis_IOI