Cars/Trucks/Bikes Megathread

I didn’t find a car thread on here so I figured I’ll start one.

What does everyone drive/own? If you don’t own any, what do you want/like.

Feel free to share ANYTHING you find cool, impressive, whatever. I’m into EVERYTHING that has a motor haha, it’s a sickness. Quarter miles? Car shows? Formula 1? Moto GP? Underground racing? Don’t care, post it up!!

I am a car guy among other hobbies :wink:


I am glad to meet another car enthusiast like me! Why haven’t we talk about our common interest before? :smile:

Anyway, I will start with my daily transportation. I don’t own a car yet, but to live in a very dense urban environment in Asian countries, it is essential to own a motorcycle/scooter/moped or whatever you like to call it.

So I own an Aeon Co-in 110 c.c. It is 9 years old now. I obtained it from its previous owner. The scooter is still very healthy, and I like its handling as well. If nothing bad happens, I don’t plan to replace it with another motorcycle.

note: this image is only for reference as it’s not exactly mine, but my bike shares the same color.

I will be back soon to talk about my dream car too (as it’s not obvious enough). :smirk:


I’ve got a 2004 Honda Accord. It does the job, but I’m still currently trying to get all the problems it has fixed, with 2 MOT advisories left to go. I use it in my job as a pizza delivery driver, so I’ve probably put in a fair amount of miles now driving.


Huh, I thought companies would assign vehicles to their drivers/deliverers, rather than making them use their personal vehicles. Anyway, if you find your car suitable for your job, then there’s nothing wrong.

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The love of my life, my BMW F30.
I saved 3 years for this car because I wanted to buy it without the help of the bank. I did a lot of sacrifices and I was even dreaming often that I was driving it.
Its not a powerful car. Just 116 horsepower with a 2.0 Diesel motor and that is enough for me.
Base model, basic internals, no led lights, the only thing I changed was the front grill from silver to black.
I felt in love with this car the first moment I saw it in 2013 and on March 24 2016 I bought one! Used of course with just 96.000 km today after 4 years it now proudly has 230.000 km. I drove everywhere and till this day not even a problem probably because I take very good care of her with oil change, filters and such on time.


My wish, my dream, my next huge purchase, though I don’t know when it happens :slight_smile:

Exactly this model (and colour), before 2019 crap renovation.
This is Nissan Juke 2011. I just love this baby


Well, depends who you work for. If you work for Uber or Just Eat, you’re technically self employed, so you can make a decent amount of money but you must have business insurance. The pizza delivery company I work for gives us third party hazard insurance which is in effect when we are clocked in. We get a dash cam for the car while on shift, it’s a zero hour contract, but after a six month probation period, I’m entitled to holiday time like a proper employee.

I think the only places I know of where the vehicle is provided to you would be a supermarket delivery like Tesco, or something like Argos which requires big vans to deliver big goods.


Watch out for oil puddles :laughing:

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Definitely! I am pretty sure I can see puddles under my bike sometimes.

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I do quarter mile races for pink slips. I am driving a Honda Civic with spoon engine, t66 turbo, NOS and motec exhaust system.


This is the most early 2000’s experience I’ve heard, along with PS2 and THX sound effect, ofc. Good for you, I suppose.

I’m not much of a car guy, but two things I do genuinely want to do at some point in my life: get a decent sports car, doesn’t have to be anything fancy, maybe just a rental, and do a car trip of Europe, and a car trip of the USA coast to coast. I put a ton of hours into Gran Turismo 3 back on the PS2 when I was a teen, and probably the car that I’d like to have would be a Mazda MX5. Nice small car, convertible, something you can drive around country roads. I’m sure there are maybe better options out there, but again, not a car guy.

If I ever won the lottery though, I’d get an Aston Martin. I know from Top Gear I guess Astonss aren’t seen that highly, they look gorgeous but they aren’t usually that good inside? Still though, I would want one for the cool factor if I had that kindof money to blow away.

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Jeep fanboy here. I’ve wanted one forever and after my last truck was totaled a week after I bought it new, i said Fuck it, time for what I really wanted.

I’m also a metalhead audiophile. With the top off in the Summer, you need a really decent system.

And I also like big V8s


I sometimes forget that not everyone is in North America. Are other countries as fascinated/obsessed with cars like the US is?

Not really. Asian countries don’t usually have the variety of cars you can see in America. For instance, as much as I am obsessed by C6 Vette, it is even rarer than Ferraris and Lambos in Taiwan. You just don’t see that many big block muscle cars here.

That really sucks if that’s what you like, obviously based on your username. My friend has a 92 ZR1. They’ve come a long way since then.

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I’m still broken inside for not buying one of my dream cars 3 years ago. There was this mint 2016 S60 Polestar in CA but it was sold quickly.

They are such beautiful cars and well designed. Up until 2017, they used a turbo V6 (now Turbo I4) that had a shitload of torque and sounded good. It is such a sleeper car.

Ugh, lol