Cash instead of Mastery system


Anyone knows that 47 is a contract killer. He earn money, buy stuff to make contracts possible. Why IO Interactive abbandon this idea? Why we have silly master point system instead of making money?

In game there should be two curreincies: Money and Prestige


  • In every mission you gain money depend how good (stealthy) you was.
  • Silent Assassin is status where you can get maximum cash for contract, if you have worst status, that next time you will earn money only for better rating. If you gain SA, then you can’t earn more money from this mission.
  • Every time when you buy weapon, and leave it in mission, you loose it (only if you complete mission). You need buy it again.
    Example: max cash from mission is $1,000,000, by doing mission with “Ghost” status (or 4/5 stars) you earn only $750,000. If you want to earn more then you need beat you score to get remaining cash.


  • Instead of mastery - every opporyunity you’ll make - give you Prestige
  • Depends how high you prestige is - you gain access to new stuff, which you can buy by earning money
  • So when you done all challenges in mission (level max mastery), you unlock every stuff for that mission - but you still need buy this, you decide what you need


  • you can always make money by making contracts, but contracts don’t rise your prestige (only make challanges will do that). So if you are low on money - you can earn it making contracts.
  • Each contract created by player is like Elusive Target - you have only one chance.


  • 47 can hold only one large weapon on back, one weapon in hands, and have pockets
  • pocket mechanic should be like in Escape from Tarkov - you have limited space, and every item have diffrent size. You can make what ever you want, depends if you can hold it in “bags”.
  • this same mechanic should have ICA security box
  • for example: Pistol it takes 2x2 spaces, syringe 1x2, coin/keys 1x1, SMG 3x2 etc. so if pockets have 4x4 size, then you can take two pistols, or one pistol and few items like coins etc.

Black Market and ICA

  • there should be two sources from you can get weapons/equipement - Black Market and ICA
  • ICA will always provide you with specifyc tools for missions, but they are only weapons in game which can be upgraded
  • You can’t buy items from ICA, they are unlocked by makeing progress in story line.
  • Upgrades to your weapons you can earn by doing specific challenges
  • On black market you can buy everything else which can be found or taken from mission.
  • So IOI could even relase future DLCs with new “toys” which could be brough from Black Market.


  • Escalations won’t provide money or prestige, but instead they can unlock specyfic custom crafted items or outfits, like Corky’s Bat, Travis pistol etc.which can’t be found in missions.
  • Every Escalation will have own little story around mission.
  • For example - In hokkaido if you finish escalation where you can use it only katana - then you unlock Nina outfit.


That’s great and all but it wouldn’t work with having just 6 environments. Also, contracts have nothing to do with story mode, so them giving you money for story mode will ruin immersion quite a bit. And the immersive sim style inventory idea wouldn’t work for Hitman.


Contracts are separated from Story, but they are still a contracts.


I personally think mastery system works perfectly as it’s simple and easy to understand,


Can they really ruin immersion more than current system that involves 47 inexplicably obtaining new items (from who?) for killing the same target over and over again (just in a different way) or completing other challenges, some of which don’t even make sense?


I would probably go for a hybrid of mastery and money, where mastery mostly unlocks new entry points and ICA drop locations (and maybe also some funny but largely unimportant items like ducks or mixtape), while money gives you upgrades for your main weapons.


I believe that the point in adding money is to replace an unimmersive system with an immersive one.

And how are mixtape and duck useless?


More simple than Money? So 47 is payed in coupons?

@Affliction don’t worry. I believe IO said they are going to introduce again money at the end of the mission as score points.


I actually would like a reward/scoring system like that.


I meant more simple in gameplay terms - you get the unlocks by playing no need to buy them, I personally think it’s simpler that way.


Oh… yup I actually like it more by completing challenges.


Where did they say that? I haven’t kept up with recent coverage.


Like the RE Inventory System?

I would be welcomed to this as well as money just some bonus cash. Gives a reason to do them at least.

That’s all good and that but can we spend these?


@GTAJJ I’m sure some one can confirm this here. I think they said this during the first interview when the game was announced or second.


Really, is it that difficult to do a couple of extra clicks to buy stuff?

The advantage of money system is that it allows you to choose what you want first and what can be saved for later. And it allows for better immersion than these generic unlocks.


No, its not difficult, but the current mastery system works and thats enough for it not to need changes.


And these “generic unlocks” like the duck and etc. Are the most useful items in the game


he’ll tell you it’s only useful for speedrunners and using ducks is not “immersive” :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s the first I’m hearing of it - other than that old image that was lifted from the IO servers. If it had been said, I feel like it would’ve been bigger news here.


i’m 99.99% sure they never said the money system was back


I’ll search later on the H2 confirmation thread. I’m sure I read that