Cash instead of Mastery system


A leaked picture indicated a money system. But the picture itself was quite old (showed World of Tomorrow and refered “Season 2”) so I wouldn’t be too sure this is up to date.


Whatever system they’re using it should be a) simple and b) allow you to obtain everything without forcing you to do too much repetitive grinding.

Therefore I wouldn’t change much. Instead of points people would earn money for completing Challenges (and contracts) which can be used to buy new starting points, agency pickup locations and items. So you can choose in which order you buy your items or complete challenges in one mission and use the cash to unlock a starting location in another mission. Maybe ad a restriction that players have to finish a mission at least once before they can buy a new starting point.


For some playstyles maybe. And with money players would be able to decide which unlocks suit their playstyle better and go for them.
What I didn’t like in season 1 is that the only good sniper rifle (the one with both increased magnification and silencer) required lvl 20 mastery in the last mission. I would rather get it sooner instead of ducks and assault rifles that I never used.


Ducks unimportant? Literally the dumbest thing ive read on this forum, you just be trolling


Still not as dumb as a hired killer running around with a fire extinguisher and a duck.


That’s not the point. You called it useless but it isn’t. Immersion is a different question.


Lol. Time and time again you prove you are ignorant.



Personally I like the ideas in this thread, although it would seem I am part of the minority. This quote right here IMO is why it would be a good feature. It gives more choice to the player, and correct me if i’m wrong, but that is what HITMAN does. It let’s you decide how, when, and to some degree, why.

It couldn’t happen with HITMAN due to the episodic. Colorado wasn’t made when the game released. With S2 however, we get everything day 1, so if I wanna get SA on level 1, but unlock the Level 6 reward first, then why not eh? The only downside is this would encourage me to non SA level 6 a few times for some prestige.


you can get SA in all Levels with just mastery level 1, because they are well designed.


I have to disagree. the point of money system is to allow the players to complete missions their own way and still work towards unlocks.

I cant speak for everyone but I hate having to do silent assassin suit only just to get hefty points towards unlocks. just let me play my own style and unlock eventually. with money system I can do my preferred method, which is sneaking big guns to a vantage point and pop off shots from mid range. its not a popular method but I would like for my runs to still count towards unlocks


Really? Thats the way i have the most fun with Hitman :smiley: But of course theres no “right“ way to play Hitman.


I didn’t call them useless, I called them largely unimportant, which is a different thing. They are gimmicky. They are not bread and butter like poisons, silenced pistols or even sniper rifles. I have no doubt that they can be used (and abused) very effectively, but there are plenty of other unlocks that I would choose over them, and the current system doesn’t let me choose.


yeah i just dont really like sneaking since his specialty is disguises. i’ll do suit only occasionally but its not my favorite


Just what Hitman needs, grinding. What you want is something from previous games that wouldn’t fit how these new games are structured.

HITMAN is based around replaying levels to complete challenges. Your system is about getting the best rating the first time so you can pay for items you use once. They don’t mix.

I would buy all of the items I want and save. I would do this for every level so I have one master save I load every time I want to start it. Boom, your system is now an inconvenience because you didn’t think about how it would integrate into the new games.

The new games are built around dropping into a level with everything you need and completing challanges, not grinding money so you can drop in with everything you need to complete challanges. You have thought up a completely extraneous system that doesn’t add anything other than your idea of immersion.

This also ruins contracts mode, as it’s now filled with people making the easiest contracts to grind money and people playing the easiest contracts to grind money. What if you find a really fun and creative contract that you want to experiment with? Nope, one time only. You just made them even more disposable than they are now.


In my opinion the current mastery system is awful. I much rather have a money system. I do like the Sniper Assassin one though.


Not exactly, you could make it so the only contracts that give you money are the curated/featured ones, which wont be “kill the first guy you see and get free money” kind if contracts.


So now money is a finite resource for stretches in between featured contracts, punishing players even more for actually playing the game and not loading a master save for every level.

The solution to a system that supports grinding is not to disable grinding, it’s to realize the system is stupid and wouldn’t work.


There will actually be less grinding, because you will be able to unlock things you really need sooner, and the rest you will unlock in due time.

And what do you mean by master save? The game will save automatically when you buy something, just like it does now when you unlock something new.

There won’t be much grinding, because completing story missions with SA rating will give you money to buy most things you need. Contracts will give an extra bonus that can be spend on unlocking less crucial things.

At the end of the day, it’s a singleplayer game, so why should I care if someone uses shortcuts to grind money? It’s their choice, no one forces me to imitate them.


What I mean by master save is that for every level you buy your ideal equipment then save. There you go, you never need to buy anything ever again. The majprity of your system is invalidated AND it wastes six save slots.

Your idea seems to be that you buy everything you need and spend the money you grind for on less important items. That makes sense until you realize that you have just implemented a completely pointless system that discourages experimentation. It creates a bunch of problems while solving absolutely none and even if you were to find an excuse for all of them it would still be a worse system than we have now.

When people grind for things, either the cost of items goes up to compensate and force people to put effort in, or the developers give up and make grinding the best option for everyone. So yes I care about grinding when it’s the best way for me to get the ability to have fun, an ability that was previously given as a reward for doing things that are fun.


I think mastery systems have many possibilities
But the problem is that the reward it gives is very poor
Having completely meaningless or ridiculous rewards after many repetitive plays makes the player angry.

it would be nice if they could introduce money but it would go along with the mastery system.
Mastery system:
offer items with special functions, unique weapons of high performance, special modifying parts or starting point etc…
Money system:
You have to pay every time you use a disguised starting point, retrive evidence, buy almost all weapons, custom parts, items and add an escape route

Unlock blaser r93 tactical at Mastery level20

Purchase folding stock from the black market to get the rifle fit in the briefcase

Better than jaegers with different color