Cash instead of Mastery system


What it seems you want is a more in depth mastery system where you can choose what you unlock first. I can understand that but it just wouldn’t work with cash and one time purchases.


I think the suggestion is to swap mastery for money/ prestige. Imagine this…

You buy S2, open it up and play through each mission once. You obtain SA using one opportunity per level, and receive X amount of cash reward (just like you do now with mastery). You also gain some prestige. The prestige from 6 runs will allow level 1 unlocks to be purchased, and you will have enough cash for say 4/10 of these.

You then do a second playthrough, and earn more money/ prestige. You now qualify for level 2 unlocks, and have enough cash for maybe 4 of these too. However not everyone will buy 4 level 1 unlocks, so they will have cash for maybe 6/8 level 2 items. This continues all the way to max unlocks. This is a freedom the current system does not offer.

As for contracts. Don’t offer prestige for it, only money. That way, you have to play the main story to reach prestige max (Mastery 20 atm) to have full access to all the unlocks. If you complete all levels and still cannot afford all the items (which IO should make mathematically impossible), and want to grind a silly contract then that is fine.

Somebody else mentioned the idea of suit retrieval, weapon retrieval etc costing money. That would justify earning in contracts mode after completing the game, as you still have some expenses based on your playstyle, however with limited expenses (assuming game completion) contracts could pay a much smaller amount than story, to discourage players from grinding it day 1 instead of following the natural progression path.


Id like to add a related? idea to the discussion. I see in one of the old games you have a hideout, and if you take a weapon on site you must return with it, or lose it. You can also collect items/ weapons from levels. I would love a mode in S1/S2 that allowed me to start a ‘Campaign’. I would start in the hideout with my unlocked items (maybe even have to choose x amount), and to complete the campaign run would mean playing all 6 levels in order. If i left a gun or used an item, i can pay for a new one, but delivery times mean I will have to do the next sequential misson without it. This would prompt some great decision making as you are basically routing the game, not the mission. Anybody like this idea??

Could be cool for competitive players too, as finishing fast, with SA, also has another variable. Least expenditure. A full fibre wire, suit only playthrough would yeild no expense for example, so while its not a speed run as such, its still a decent achievement and could place well on the ‘cash playthrough’ leaderboards, whilst being quite far down on the ‘time based score playthrough’ leaderboards. This is something S1 dissappointed me with tbh, leaderboards kinda de-value the slower, more methodical playthroughs.


It’s still a bad idea. It doesn’t introduce freedom this system doesn’t, it introduces restriction, locking things you want behind grinding contracts made for grinding and wasting six save slots with your optimal starting gear.

It’s an inconvenience system. It takes what we have now, removed the freedom, encourages the player to spend less time experimenting and having fun, encourages meta gaming the system and wasting time.

Your system does what this system does except with little “unfun breaks” to go and grind the easiest contracts you can find, which would inevitably be all of the contracts because the system encourages it.


So, if I understand you right, you think that after getting some money, players will buy certain stuff for a mission, then start the mission and save the game, then somehow refund their purchases (how?), buy different stuff for a different mission, save again etc.?

This wouldn’t work for several reasons. First of all, once you bought something, the money is gone, you can’t just load an older save and get your money back because this game uses auto saves.

Second, it’s no longer episodic, so you don’t have access to all story missions at once. You complete 1 mission, get some money, buy what you want, then move to the next mission etc.
But lets’ say you completed the story and have all missions available. What do you mean by “optimal starting gear” for a mission? Like seriously, do you want to always start a certain mission with the same “optimal” loadout? That will get old very quick. So, if we apply this logic to season 1, what’s the optimal loadout for Paris, for example? Or Sapienza? Personally, I like to start with different things, on one playthrough I might go for poisons, on another one use a sniper rifle, and sometimes I don’t use anything at all. So for me this statement about 6 wasted save slots doesn’t make a lot of sense.

But with that being said, I would prefer if the game allowed us to create different profiles, each one with its separate progression. Because when I return to an already completed game after a while, I usualy like to start from scratch, unlocking things again. That’s part of the experience.


There isn’t optimal starting gear now, because as you admit you like to experiment. However, under this proposed system experimentation is punished by grinding and as such people will choose optimal starting gear, begin the mission, save, and load that whenever they actually want to play the game because, also under this system, you can lose gear you payed for permanently. You won’t get your money back but you most certainly won’t have to pay it again for the awful crime of doing something in an unconventional way.

I don’t know about you but I want to grind the least possible, even if that means losing a couple save slots. Or, more appropriately, not implementing this stupid money mechanic at all. There you go, zero grinding! And at the cost of… absolutely nothing.


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The Mastery system should stay in so that these new HITMAN seasons are streamlined. If HITMAN 2 was a stand alone entry, then sure, but it is really a continuation of HITMAN 2016 and shouldn’t deviate too radically from the first season in terms of gameplay and functionality.


Blood Money was a continuation of Contracts but it was pretty differnet, so it’s not a problem.


Yeah but there were no unlockables in Contracts that carried over to BM. There his a high likelihood that unlockables from Season 1 will carry over to Season 2. Having a radically different unlock system would just make it clunky and annoying. “So I have to complete Mastery level 20 in Hokkaido to unlock this item, and I need to save up $20 K to unlock this item in Miami.”


Well, there’s a ton of grinding currently. Why do I have to grind lvl 20 on the last mission just to have a good sniper rifle?
A properly implemented money system could reduced grinding because every player would be able to prioritize.

At the cost of absolutely nothing? How about at the cost of choice? I want to be able to customize my weapon as I see fit, instead of using pre-determined items that devs gave us. What if I want silverballers without a suppressor but with a longer barrel instead? Or maybe I go for a sniper rifle with quiet rounds and no silencer? What if on lower levels of the game we would have to chose between silencer and making your rifle concealable (in the briefcase), etc. Those are the options the current linear system doesn’t offer.

I hope it doesn’t carry over. It’s always more interesting to start a new game from scratch.


I don’t know how I feel about it. It would give players of Season 1 a clear advantage over new players that only purchase Season 2. But it would also make Season 2 much less fun to play for existing players. Zero challenge. For that reason I hope the gadgets and such don’t cross over, but I hope the suits do!


I agree actually. Grinding elusive targets again just to have some goddamn gloves (that should be in the game to begin with) would be super frustrating.


I could be wrong… but I think the proposed cash/prestige system would NOT have this idea of losing gear permanently that you paid for. Rather, once you’ve purchased, e.g., “long slide” for your silverballer with cash earned from story missions/Contracts, that’s an enhancement to your silverballer that will always be available to you. Similar to how Blood Money’s weapon customization worked.

There’s no reason that a cash/prestige system, if implemented well, would necessitate more grinding than the Season 1 Mastery system did. Money lets you the player CHOOSE which of the available unlocks you want to prioritize; Prestige is what locks the higher-tier unlocks behind a progression wall based on challenge completion, working very similar to Season 1’s Mastery. It makes sense to me.


Okay, i know i sound like a broken Record, but: Codename 47s Money System is the Way to go.

Start the Game, select your Profile and Difficulty, get an advance fee for your first Mission, rent the stuff you need, play the mission, get paid, use money for the next Mission.

And make every Item available from Start in Contractsmode.


Please no. The current hitman system allows both, Stealth and Nuts’N’Bolts. I dont wanna grind SA/SO runs, to get enough money for a sniper rifle to do the wicker man. Or do SA/SO runs, just because i want to get a lockpick or be able to go to Sapienza or Bangkok and cut everyones throats with my Masamune. Out of money, and you want to take your White Yakata, Masamune, 3 Shurikens, 3 Coins and Silverballer and go slaughter innocent beings in the Himmapan Hotel. Too bad, do five SA/SO World of Tomorrows first, and maybe one landslide for that 3rd coin. reads further Contracts? No! Oh, look. A new inv system. 1 large weapon, 1 small weapon 1 in pocket. So i would have to leave my coins out? No thanks. Oh and i cant grab a hammer and knock out those poor civies after killing all the guards, because my Sieger 300 gets lost too easy, ofc ima gonna have my Silverballer, and my Janbiya would get lost too easy too. Escalations… Oh yes… new suit for each completed escalation. Tbh, i would only do suit only kill everyones, because the suits would be too much of a treat to eye. Like i have been only using my White Yakata lately and avoiding disguises, because i love how it looks… But my point is, that Hitman is as of current, perfect. You can do whatever you want, basically no limits, no grind and no microtransactions… no money system (those are annoying. Like i hate it even in Overwatch, why cant i have the new Summer Games Reinhardt Skin, by doing missions, and i could unlock all the skins in couple of days REEE…) and so on.


In the original comment he states that when you leave a weapon in a mission you lose it. By one time purchases I mean you buy a gun so you can use it one time.

What you mean isn’t that it would allow for less grinding, what you mean is that it would allow you to get what you want earlier. That sounds great until you are grinding easy contracts and six save slots down.


That system wouldn’t work in the new formula. I don’t get how you don’t see that. YOU DON’T PLAY THE NEW GAMES IN ONE PLAYTHROUGH. That’s not how they work. If you do that you are going to get maybe a few hours of playtime at the most. That’s not how they are structured. They are structured around repeating levels to find new ways of killing the target.

If you want the games to abandon their new formula go ahead and post about it, but don’t try and shoehorn it into the new games.



I played every Hitman Game that Way, multiple Times, so what?

…and i cant do that, with the System that i described to you? lol