Cash instead of Mastery system


Then you aren’t the target audience for how the new games are structured. The proposed system doesn’t make playing the intended way impossible, just like the current system doesn’t make your way impossible. It just makes it much, much worse.

So the options here are either keep the current system that works with how the game is structured or implement a new system for a completely diffirent play style the new games aren’t structured for. I think I will go for option A.


Did you even read the original post?

It would be useless to do “five SA/SO World of Tomorrows” because once you achieved SA on a mission you already get maximum cash from it.

It’s far from perfect. And there IS grind.


Yeah on this point I’d disagree with OP. In a Cash/Prestige system, I think leaving weapons / 47’s suit / other things that can be considered “evidence” (CCTV recordings obviously) should reduce the cash reward you get for that playthrough – cost of retrieval – but once you’ve purchased a weapon or customized upgrade to a weapon it would always be available to you.

I don’t follow. There’s no reason a Cash/Prestige system would necessitate the save slot issue you’re talking about. There’s absolutely, 100%, a way to make the dual currency system work and be an improvement in the arena of player choice and character customization. What I’m imagining is not so different from the current system at all, except that you as the player get the choice out of which of a selection of rewards you want to unlock first.


Ok let me give you an example of the ‘freedom’ you think you have.

I have a brand new PSN account to match my name here. I’ve never played HITMAN (or anything else) on it. Let’s say I want to run a strategy that requires the 2 emetic syringes. I need to GRIND for level 20 mastery in Sapienza. Professional mode. For one of them.

Arguably, the prestige/ money system COULD end up meaning i’d face the same issue, but if it was done correctly, I could have the option of unlocking such a trivial item much sooner, should I chooser to.


The only difference would be you dont have to do specific ways to get points in money system. u can do your way as much as you like and still work towards getting the unlocks. only thing is loud will probably get you less points. this much preferred imo


In my example, its not even just specific ways. An emetic syringe is locked behind 90% of pro mode. I get that pro mode needs a reward, but I feel the reward should simply be enough prestige to have everything, rather than a specific item itself.


yeah but with money system you’ll be able to buy whatever you want in any order as long as you can afford it. so what’s the problem?


You have watered down the orignial suggestion so much it doesn’t even make sense as a cash system.

What you want is the current system but with the ability to choose what you unlock and more of a reward for silent asassin I guess? I can understand one of those, but it’s not even a cash system anymore and has nothing to with the original suggestion.

You can’t negate someone’s argument by using a completely diffirent concept you never explain.


… I have? I’ve changed one thing – you don’t permanently lose a weapon if you leave it behind in a mission (no need to repurchase said weapon).

And I’ve explained how that works both in-universe and with the cash system by saying there’s a cash penalty (ICA retrieval) on your mission payout if you leave a weapon behind. As a rough example, Silent Assassin = $1M but -$10k for suit retrieval and -$5k for weapons retrieval. And don’t worry, $payout would be separate and apart from the leaderboard points as currently granted. I agree with OP that on any playthrough of a mission, you’d only net into your account if you’ve beat your previous highest $payout for that mission, and only by the amount that is the delta between your current payout and your previous highest.

I don’t know what OP means by “Each contract created by player is like an Elusive Target”, so I’m not endorsing that. I’d think payouts for Contracts should work the same as normal missions, just probably have (much) smaller payouts. They’d be a way to compensate $availability for people who aren’t interesting in perfecting a main mission to get the max $payout. Plus a reward in the simple form of an ever-growing bank account for those who keep playing Contracts mode.

I don’t know man I think this is a pretty good idea, that’s all I’m trying to say. I’m not trying to negate anybody’s anything, and hopefully now I’ve explained the concept I have in mind.


Ah i missed the maxed at first SA. But still


So you still like that part. That’s pretty stupid.

Right now you seem undecided on if you want players to grind. Do you? Because right now grinding is playing the game. They are the same thing. In your world grinding is not playing the game, but killing your next target that requires you to walk five feet and shoot a guy, get a payout and leave.

So either getting silent assassin for every mission will get you enough money to buy everything, or you will hit a roadblock where the best solution is to search “easy” in the contracts box and pick your favorite from the hundreds of available options.

One removes your mechanic completely after a little bit of quick saving, the other makes your mechanic make people want to shoot themselves.


Well I disagree with pretty much all of that, and I’m fairly confident there’s still a disconnect between what I’m trying to explain and what you’re understanding because the issues you raise don’t make sense to me.

But speaking of hitting roadblocks, that’s what this feels like to me so I’ll just leave it at that - we’re evidently not going to get on the same page and it doesn’t matter anyway ‘cause IO is gonna do what it’s gonna do and they’ve probably already planned out whatever system H2 will use.


These are clear and obvious problems with the system presented, but you might have thought up a completely diffirent system in your mind. If that’s the system you are referring to, I’m sorry I can’t look into your brain.


Sigh it’s cool man, it’s cool.


Simple money system concept.


It seems weird to only get 100k for killling, let’s say, Viktor Novikov.


Well that depends on the developers.