CCTV System


It’s removed. Shooting 1 tape disables every tapes on every difficulty


that’s weird. bring it back to master mode io pls


Agreed, all though I only play on master when doing Classics, it’s a good feature and it adds alot to the gameplay. Getting caught by a camera in Delgados mansion, you’d need go delete the evidence for that area and not where Andrea is since the tapes wouldn’t be linked to the same server.

Pro difficulty should stay as it currently is


There’s nothing ridiculous about the current system because the CCTV systems are all supposedly linked together and use the same network and software. So, if you upload a virus to the network, theoretically, you can screw up the whole network and not just the CCTV system in question.

So thinking that way - i’ll go to small pharmacy shop, disable there a CCTV and then go to Big Bank next to that pharmacy, and make a robbery because all cameras will be disabled!

Sorry, that is riddiclous :rofl:

  1. Look, if you don’t like this mechanic, then don’t abuse it. Simple, don’t shoot at the CCTV system if you don’t like how the system works.

That shouldn’t work that way. Games becomes more and more easy, because people compain that something requies thinking is not fun. Back to Splinter Cell Conviction everybody laugh because almost everything was simpified to “push a button”. But few years later - almost every game looks like a that, or have similar solutions. Because people are too lazy to think. There wasn’t nothing wrong with old system.

Now Hitman becomes too much Arcade game than a Puzzle game. CCTV is one of many examples of that. There isn’t any challenge for disable CCTV, it becomes tedious and trivial. Go to Security Room, shoot with pistol (even when room is full of gaurds) and run to next objective. That why i don’t like it. That is how SHOULDN’T WORK. It’s should be a challange. Your choice - be careful to not get caught or when you fuck up - go with hard way and try to erase evidence.

But going that way - Cameras also should work little in different way. it’s a bit annoying when you lightly show your shoulder or leg fragment and the camera will catch you on the recording. There should be a slight delay after doing so, so that the player has time to react.

And speedrunners? Well, they should be more careful. It’s still all about the METHOD not a TIME, and sometimes they forgot about it (like @Fortheseven who was compaining about instead of ICA case there is a briefcase, so he don’t use snipers anymore because it’s still a 0,05 sec of wasted time - same with disabling CCTVs etc.).


I agree, I can’t believe in this franchise about a man made in a test tube that takes people’s clothes and impersonates them the CTTV system isn’t realistic. Literally unplayable.


I’m not a fan of “realistics” in games because i know that is opposite to having fun, and i don’t mind to simplify. It’s only a game. But some of things are way too trivial so destroy immersion and makes games too easy. Too easy = not fun. Hitman should be more logic than an arcade game. That is my opinion


Why the fuck would the bank be on the same network as the neighbouring business? Have you taken leave of your senses?


And how church, city town hall, mansion, biolab are connected to the same security system?


Did you understood what was my conclusion?


But playing as a cloned super human who can see through walls you’re ok with?

Your logic falls flat.


Can you please show me where speedrunners have said they are happy about this? it sounds a lot like you’re just putting words in peoples mouths. Which isn’t very nice now, is it?

Most players I know either don’t get recorded or are happy to shoot cameras.


It’s a CCTV system in a video game. Your immersion must be very fragile.


That guy is always bitching about speedrunner m8


I wouldn’t mind separate CCTV systems in Mastery. But then they should put a note somewhere on that map that tells you which systems have recorded you, so that players know which ones needs to be disabled.


But playing as a cloned super human who can see through walls you’re ok with?

Dude, you compare two different things. I won’t even start discusion about this.

That guy is always bitching about speedrunner m8

Oh sorry if you feel offended. I meant players who cares only about mechanic aspect, and don’t care about immersion. So mostly is about speedrunners. It’s easy for me to call “this group” like a that, because everyone will know what i got on mind. It’s not bitching.


I agree with you (the OP) on the multiple camera “systems” 100%. I wish they would change that back too.

For the shooting thing I don’t agree 100%. I think we should be able to shoot them, but I think that should cause guards who see the destroyed computer to go into search mode. A very extedned search mode.


“Nuh uh if I don’t like a feature no one else should be able to have fun with it”


I’d like to see a 5 min time limit in every mission cuz the game is too easy when you take your sweet ass time.


Never gonna happend. Hitman is about freedom, and time limit is something opposite. Adding time limit is worst solution to make game harder, because is wrong approach. It’s lame as adding more guards/cameras/more HP to increase difficult. It is a lazy solution, and would make game more frustrating than difficult.

You still have contracts where you can make time limits if you want. But adding that to main game will make angry everyone. Or be a speedrunner like others and try complete game in shorter - imaginary time;)


100%. A mandatory time limit on each mission would be a deal breaker for me and many others. The game would be uninstalled.