Celebrating 15 Years of Hitman with Hitman Absolution!

On the occasion of 15 Years of Hitman I had an idea…
Maybe you add new Contracts to Hitman Absolution?
I’m yours long-time fan and recently i posted my two favourite contract here http://www.hitmanforum.com/t/post-created-contracts-here
It would be amazing if you will listen my request!

47 is back!!!

He “never left”. (while staring at a donut disguised as a Chicago cop)

I wouldn’t mind even though Absolution’s contracts mode seems to be dead on 360 at least.

Just last week I refreshed them to some of the most popular and all the IOI created ones.

I’ll look at another refresh for the anniversary.


I would be so happy if one of my contracts will be placed in refresh for the anniversary.
I create two contracts with potencial to competition:
ID: 3-0920–16331-6405
ID: 3-2510-155853-6405 (In this contract my record is 590600$ - the highest score of all contracts in game!)
Really thanks for response!

Thanks dude, i check them out.

Still waiting with hope for next week! :blush:

I’ll add some fresh featured contracts to the existing ones next week.
Three years after release, I’m happy having the IOI-created and most popular ones in there.


Today 19th November and we still haven’t new contracts :unamused: I want celebrate HITMAN CODENAME 47 DAY!!!


“I’ll add some fresh featured contracts to the existing ones next week.”

Only one day left…

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Why you ignore me?

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Did you just post that picture because you think Travis betrayed you for not answering your question?He’s probably busy…

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I wait whole week. His last post was 10 day ago.

Picture was for fun, it reflects how i feel (not betrayed but forgotten).
Also sorry, it’s my nature I tend nervous and importunate…


The refresh is done. New contracts are up. Good luck.


Really, really thanks. It’s awesome! You are the best!

Also once again sorry for all my stupid posts!

47 is back!