Celebrating Sapienza - 4 Years!

Yesterday Sapienza officially turned 4 years old.


For the sake of nostalgia:

Share your Sapienza stories here. Do you remember the first time you played the map? What experiences did you have?

To be frank, my clearest specific memory of Sapienza was the disappointment at hearing a British accents early on in the mission. Everything else is sort of a blur of joy. I went home from work every day of the week and just played the sh*t out of the level. The first week or so felt like a dream, I was so in love with the level. All of the choices and paths to explore amazed me.

So many ways to get in.

I do remember running into the PI mission story for the first time. I really loved following him through the town and hiding in plain sight using the Blending.

A clear example of the power of Blending to create great moments in the game.

I finally decided against taking his disguise, as I was too curious to see how the meeting would turn out, Killing Franny that way turned into more of a challenge, but it felt like it was worth it.

What about you? What do you remember from the release of Sapienza?


Best map from 2016?

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Best map from Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2?

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Sapienza to me is the greatest map from Hitman 1 and 2. It is so full of detail, variety, and depth, and is just a joy to explore. All 4 missions associated with it are worth playing, it is great for contracts, and I just have fun wandering the town.

wow, 4 years. such a great map although paris tops it for me. sapienza is where the episodic release model really started to catch my interest and it was great to be able to experience the map at the same time as everyone else

my favourite detail about this map is just how great it is for sniping. hitman 6 was generally pretty good for this so it’s disappointing that many of the h2 maps didn’t offer the same amount of opportunities


Great point.

I really do remember how strong the community aspect of the release of Sapienza was. Everyone sharing and discussing every little detail. It was quite a good time.



Ahhh, loved the level. After Paris, getting such bigger and open level really blew my mind. To this day I still can’t believe how Sapienza can be run on our computers and consoles. It’s like the perfect Hitman level, ever.

What really surprises me about the level is the sheer amount of places within the level that could work as a level on it’s own. And then you have the sun, the beach. The level just makes you happy. Sandbox deluxe.


Time to pay our respects


This song blew me away when I first heard it. Though I could’ve done without the “47” reference.
It’s one of many puzzle pieces to the character that is Silvio Caruso, arguably one of the most interesting/tragic targets in Hitman history.

  • Hokkaido
  • Paris
  • Mumbai
  • Miami
  • Sgail
  • Sapienza
  • Other

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I love sapienza. It totally blew me away. But Miami and Mumbai I’ve grown to love more.
No virus and no unused space. I prefer Hokkaido as well I think. And maybe Paris. And maybe Haven. But sapienza is still the best for contracts and beauty. The ultimate hitman map.