Certain challenges don't trigger plus objects that cannot be obtained


The photobomb challenges don’t trigger, even though I follow every last step to complete it. Secondly, especially on the legacy maps, you can’t pick certain objects for whatever reason. What this boils down to is minor quality of life changes and nothing more. Hopefully it’ll be patched.


In the future, issues such as these need to be posted in the bug thread.


Theres a lot of stuff like that in the Legacy missions !!


Are you sure? They have fixed this fairly recently. If you havent tried recently, try again. It should work. I will try when I get home. What platform are you playing on?


Search for a Hitman 2 update of the latest patch. This was fixed for everyone in the latest patch in the last week of January.


Playing on XB1X. Attempted to trigger these missions recently in Paris and Marrakesh. Gonna give it another go. Let’s see what happens!


The Photobomb Challenge didn’t unlock for me either after the latest patch – but at least it was an improvement from before, where Lana Caprice would put down her camera and immediately walk away before Novikov came for the interview!

Based on that result, I scoured the Internet for a solution, and this is what worked for me (Note: I did this all on one run, with no reloads or restarts):

  1. Grab disguise that would permit you to safely go outside to the rear gardens area – I personally started with the Stage Crew’s disguise for this purpose, but any disguise that permits you to go there would do.
  2. Grab the lens, plant the bomb, tell Lana the good news, and follow her as usual until she gets to the the interview spot.
  3. Run towards the rear garden, every now and then go to the map check check Novikov’s position.
  4. When you are in the rear garden, make sure Novikov is in position and stays there.
  5. Blow up the bomb. This should grant you the Photobomb challenge. You may get a non-target kill, but given the nature of this challenge it’s not like you were being subtle anyway!

Why does this work? My guess is that IOI coded the bomb explosion and bomb location with very precise boxes, and that level of precision may tamper with lower end graphics cards and/or settings. Going away from the immediate area forces it to load out of memory and in turn forces the boxes to have more generous tolerances.

The above is only my pet theory, however: I have no real proof, and short of getting a job with IOI I will not know exactly how they coded it. I do know, however, based on other people’s attempt to get around this bug, that IOI did not code the challenge using the most obvious hook – detect when user plants a bomb into the camera and toggle a flag variable, then toggle another flag if camera blows up in the interview spot. I know this because at least one member in this forum found success NOT by planting the bomb, but by dropping it very close to the camera after Lana had reached the interview spot. Why IOI wouldn’t do this is beyond me!

Anyway, good luck!


You just essentially explained what you’re meant to do… My challenge popped the first time, post patch, but the bomb also killed an NPC (Lana, I think). No need to run away, you can just stand by the fountain. Novikov will stand near to the camera whilst Lana is using her phone.

Edit: I believe that some bombs are more powerful than others.


I realized that I was missing a critical detail in my original post. When I tried to unlock the challenge after the patch initially, I detonated the bomb while I can still see Victor Novikov and Lana Caprice. The challenge did not unlock.

The only thing I did different in the run that ultimately unlocked the challenge for me was that I moved far enough away to get the engine not to do immediate rendering of that area. That worked for me.

So yes, the steps are essentially the same. The difference lies in how far away we were respectively when we triggered the explosion.


Are you sure that he died from the explosion when you triggered it? If you used the micro explosive, I think that the blast radius is too small. Also, could have just got knocked unconscious.


Yes, I’m sure he died from the explosion. The only explosive I use is the ICA Remote Explosive from H1 Legacy. I’ve never used the micro-explosive — not even sure I have access to it, since I’m still going through Santa Fortuna and haven’t hit the other levels yet.

I can only attest to what worked for me and what didn’t work for me. For me, exploding when I can see the target didn’t unlock the challenge. The first time I attempted to do so while far away unlocked it. I’m on PC if that makes any difference. Other people’s mileage may vary.