Challege didn't complete for Icon mission


in The Icon mission for Hitman 2 legacy pack bonus missions. The game shows that i have completed the piano man, someone could hurt them selves, hold my hair, straight shot and tasteless, traceless feats but the versatile assassin feat indicates only 4 of the five have been completed. what if anything can i do to fix this.


I would just try each of them again


Did you see the piano man challenge pop up? I’ve tried to do the Piano man challenge with the measuring tape and fishing line before (thinking that would count) and it didn’t work it HAS to be the fibre wire. Sorry for stating the obvious but it may be the issue.


Yea i did, plus i did it with the fibre wire. Think i’ll try doing them all again. Thanks for the suggestions


Tried doing each of the five challenges again but no joy the versatile assassin feat still shows as uncompleted.


Can you take a photo of the challenges that are incompleted in the challenges tab in the Icon.

How did you kill him with lethal poison and how did you kill him in an accident?


I killed Dino in the jaws of the machine he gets fired up at and i changed the fuel in the robot that shoots flames at him but i’m not sure which triggered someone could hurt them selves and i poisoned is bottle of water at the fans stand outside the ice cream shop.


I see. There another one who had the same issue and he resolved it by doing them again. It could be that you killed him in a way that didnt register for the challenge requirement. Try the other ones too, drown him by poisoning with water with emetic poison, garotte him with fiberwire and shoot him in the head. It takes two shots to kill him with a headshot