Challenge completely broken

I have a challenge, annoyingly a rather important one, that got broken while playing hitman the other day.

I’ve been doing all the maps in order both SOSA on masters and Sniper Assassin on masters, and I just got to Hokaido. SOSA went off without a hitch, so I just had sniper assassin to do and I would get both the black suit and classic coin, plus the completion for ‘the classics’ challenges. However JUST as I got onto the tram the game disconnected me from the servers and it messed up the syncing. Now on Hokkaido Sniper Assassin on masters is completed, but ‘The classics’ on Hokaido is still at 4 out of 5, didn’t budge.

Is there any way that either me or an IO Dev could reset either Sniper Assassin or, hell, if not that then the whole of Hokkaido? The latter doesn’t matter too much to me, I’d prefer if I didn’t have to redo everything on that map, but it’s a fun enough map that if there’s no other way I don’t mind too much. But I really want to get these Classics challenges done, I’ve been working on all the maps for such a long time and to have it mess up at the last original hitman map is infuriating and genuinely sapped my joy of playing Hitman for a while.

Well there is a way to fully erase and reset your in-game progress, but I would suggest you to wait for a fix for this, cause it was reported multiple times and IO has probably been aware of this issue.

Anyway, here is the website that would lead you to your profile data in both H2016 and H2. You can choose to view your profile, and reset all progresses as well. I haven’t heard anyone tried this before, so be mindful though. In any case, I wish your issues will get fixed soon. :slight_smile:

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