Challenge Contracts: Taking Inspiration from Dishonored's "Dunwall City Trials"

I’ve only recently just started playing Dishonored 1’s DLC, Dunwall City Trials, and it makes me think how awesome and perfect it would be in Hitman (in place of some escalations).

They could be called something like ‘Challenge Contracts’.

The most obvious one from Dishonored is “Mystery Foe” where four clues are placed randomly across the small map (About the size of the Hawke’s Bay house) during a social gathering of about 10 civilians and 8 guards. Each clue gives you a hint about your randomly selected target of that playthrough. Such as “They are female”, “They are wearing Red”, “They are not wearing a hat or mask”, “They are a cleaner”. You get less points for each person you KO, you instafail if you kill a non-target. And when an alarm is raised all party guests escape by doors and are lost forever (If target escapes you instafail; you also lose points for each non-target that escapes). So it’s a proper challenge you’d probably have to be Suit Only trespassing and not allowed to change disguise, or something like that.

They could pretty much just set it at the Hawke’s Bay house and make it so you can’t go outside (So if they escape through any of the doors that’s it) and the blinds are permanently shut so you can’t shoot them when they’re outside. I mean they could probably make a multiplayer mode out of if they tried (But that would take a lot more effort so I won’t bother speculating on that).

Other ones from Dishonored involve shooting fuel tanks (I’m sure they could do one where you have to shoot ducks, or balloons similar to the Corky Commotion but more full on); another one is about stealing as many items from a building before you’re caught by the many patrolling guards (You lose points for KOing people, and it would have to be Suit Only Trespassing again, or make them all enforcers rendering disguises useless), there’s a bunch; some stealth-oriented, some combat-oriented, some ‘skill’ oriented (Accuracy, speed, etc), I’m sure you could think of a few yourself.

Anyway, I just think it’s something from another assassination game which would fit decently into the current game’s launcher and be way better than standard escalations. The Dishonored DLC was released at $5 on launch, of course I’d prefer they’re free like escalations, but at least they’d be almost like new game modes, just very small ones and set on already made maps.

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As you said in a previous thread, I do think that they should give Hawke’s Bay more replayability than just -don’t quote me on this- contracts, speedruns and/or first time playthroughs.

Either this or they could implement this in Ghost Mode somehow (for people asking for more of a challenge, but the clues lead you to their location where you have to search).

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