Challenge: Killing the Washingtons simultaneously with an RFID explosive and a cannon

I recently watched Ben Urbach’s fantastically complex simultaneous assassination of Silvio Caruso and Franny de Sanny using the laser tripwire, cannon, and a linked series of explosions.

It’s pure genius. It’s here if you haven’t seen it:

The crucial mental leaps he made were a) explosions and gunshots set off loaded cannon and b) the laser tripwire has a hell of a long range.

It got me thinking whether there was something similar I could pull off, and an idea occurred to me.

What if it was possible to get Sophia Washington to assassinate her sister by planting the RFID explosive on the cannon, getting Sophia to carry the RFID coin, then somehow luring Sophia to be in the proximity of the cannon while Zoe is in its crosshairs?

That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?

I was spectacularly unsuccessful in making it happen. I couldn’t even figure out a way to get Sophia anywhere near the cannon.

But I bet one of the Hitman geniuses on this thread could figure out whether it’s possible or not.


Thanks you like my video! :smiley: And welcome!

I think the plan can work. Using a Laser Tripwire would be easier but would only kill one target. Sadly these explosives are no accidents so one of the kills can ruin your rating.

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Who cares about rating if you can pull off something this beautiful?

I look forward to your video. :grinning:

I won’t do that at this point because I would want to set up something that kills both with an accident. One kill caused directly by the explosive device is not enough for me. :joy: But I can tell you it is a great feeling of success making your plan work yourself. Even if you have to delay it to a point when you got more experienced to do it. :slight_smile:

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Which one would be the non-accident? Could you not just lay down a propane flask nearby?

The cannon kill is an accident. Sophia dies by the mine, which is no accident. A propane nearby would not help because the explosion of the mine reaches her before the Propane. If you don’t mind math, I explained it here.

What does work though if you use a Laser Tripwire instead of the RFID mine. Because the tripwire explosion can happen without her being in range, but can blow up a Propane that is. That of course requires alot of testing.

Blimey. You’ve really done the homework on this stuff.

If IOI ever goes out of business you could probably recreate the game from memory :smiley:

Not to worry. Guess my idea wasn’t as cool as it seemed to me.

My life has come full circle


I have to ask what you mean by this. Did you originally coin this nickname? I learned it from hours of “CJ” on YouTube.


Oh no its the first time I’ve heard it and I found it pretty funny. My sense of humour is strange at times…

Sure. Okay. I just made a Hitman joke you never heard before. Seems reasonable :smiley:


I am also very much amused by “Franny de Sanny” :joy:


Is this some kind of sexist joke I just don’t get coz I’m so woke?

Erm, what? No… Nothing sexist at all, Franny de Sanny just sounds funny, that’s all…

What on earth… :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How about Laser Trip Wire + Propane Tank instead of RFID Explosive?
Or BC/Micro Explosive + Propane Tank?

I wrote 2 posts below that Laser Tripwirer works. :wink: And remote explosives are lame of course. :joy:

Viktor Noviktor

Dally My Golly

Silvio Spaghetti

Franny de Sanny

Santa Call Me Claus

General Razzle Dazzle

Sean 1

Cinco de Maya

Penelope in Graves

Extra Burg(Er)

Yucki Ramen-sake

Director Saucers

(I’m not sorry)

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You have burnt the wings of my delicious pride chicken. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really struggle not to say “Viktor Novichok”.

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