Challenge Pack - The Culinary Trip (Surprise)

Surpsie challenge pack coming today in Mumbai. Unlocks the Antique Curved Knife.

Be grateful if someone could update the thread with the challenges etc.

Challenges below thanks to @Ibbe040






Cool, cool.
But servers are down currently. That’s not cool.
But I like the look of this weapon.
Candidate to be my favourite knife in the game.
Should be more contracts using this and other unlockable knifes/items to have an excuse and opportunity to use them more

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I quite the look of it too! servers will be down for another 3 hours 40 mins ish if they stick to their timing slots.

Not seeing the curve in that curved knife, but it looks beautiful.


Best looking knife in the game imo


Aftter Jambiya now

We’ll have to agree to disagree there.

Don’t you find Jambiya the best looking knife in the game till this Antique Knife appeared?
I do

I prefered the tanto.

Nothing special about it, but ok, it’s your taste

I hope it won’t be like that Paris ET from H2016. Live for a couple hours then an “Oopsie” from IOI and have it return a week later.

Or maybe it’s to make up for the late IO Livestream. :relaxed:

WoT! You haven’t played tuber- The Culinary Trip Challenge Pack? “No I haven’t because I just learned about it”

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Looks cool and hopefully will have something unique to it in place of being another reskin.

What do you expect of being unique about this knife?

Anything, even if it’s just an animation.

We’ll see in a couple of hours

This is already in the Bank, I’m sure lots of you knew this but just saying in case?

Wait, where?

its not in the bank.

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Oh… maybe there was a different one? Is there a knife somewhere in the bank that I am confused with? I can definitely remember a knife that I hadn’t ever used before, or at least had forgotten the last time I used it.

EDIT: It was hard to remember because I thought it was unimportant. It had the same animation as regular knifes do, so maybe it was something else.