Challenges becoming undone after new update?


I was looking through my challenges and hokkaido and sapienza. i noticed that the versatile assassin and chameleon challenges on the patient zero versions of those maps were back there even though i had completed them cause both levels were at 100% the other day. I would have thought i was imagining things but the chameleon challenges were on 0 which i know couldn’t be true cause i’ve played those maps a lot and they were 100% which I’m positive about. It doesn’t really bother me that much since it doesn’t take that much effort to do them. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had this happen after the last update…


I believe some of the Versatile Assassin challenges have been moved from Feats to Assassination, but I’m not sure.


It would actually make sense for them to be in assasination instead of feats but nah they’re still in feats for me. I still have the xp from the first time i did them so thats good haha


they were added in, not reset


Oh really? I thought they were always there


@SpirantCrayon22 is correct, those challenges are fresh additions.


The Source (Jan patch), The Author & Patient Zero (Feb patch) all have new feat challenges Chameleon & Versatile Assassin. They weren’t either included in H2016

This makes it so every mission in Legacy & H2 have the feat challenges. Vector doesn’t count.


True i never owned patient zero in hitman 2016 well it’s good they added them i guess :slight_smile: makes sense vector wouldn’t count. Well thanks can’t believe i didn’t notice that lol


Alot of people thought they were reset