Challenges not unlocking for anyone else?


Some challenges dont seem to unlock for me in Hitman 2018, including: In Plain Sight, Poison IV, Drop the Bass, Nightcall Sniper Assassin Master, A Personal Goodbye, Fly Tipping (The coca field guard did not count for it), Got any ID (If im supposed to talk to some guards for doing this, the its understandable), Become Mailman (It unlocked when i tried it again, on another run), Priceless (I put it on a car and blew it up… it disappeared, didnt see it fly away either, so it must have been destroyed) and Unreasonable Scope. I already made a bug report about it, but i searched from the topic, if anyone else has had this issue, it would not seem so. I retried the Poison IV, and instead of giving me the challenge, there is no challenge pic, the challenge name is ‘‘Unnoticed Kill’’ and there is the trophy mark there. So is anyone else having this issue?


Fly tipping is not working for me either. Counts 1 cocoa field guard and 2 mansion guard but doesn’t count 3 for the street guard.


Hey so I was having problems getting “Unreasonable Scope”. It finally unlocked for me on the third attempt of reloading saves when I got both of them with a headshot. I kept reloading the same save so it wasnt because I started a new run.


Fly Tipping only updated its progress for me when I saved and then reloaded after killing each kind of guard.


yeah, Poison IV i got on the 3rd try, Drop the bass after pushing Jordan as Abel De Silva, Personal Goodbye on 2nd.


Some of the Legacy pack challenges aren’t working either.
I can’t get the In Plain Sight challenge for some reason


That wouldn’t unlock for me using the the SR you unlock in Paris despite many attempts. Worked first time with the Sieger 300 Ghost though.


I managed to get it to work.
Try it this way
1: shoot Dalia´s bodyguard
2: shoot Dalia
3: shoot vik’s bodyguard
4: shoot vik