Change from Disk to Digital - PS4


Dear Travis and Hitman- Community,
I have played disc of Hitman 2. Can I replace the disc with a download version of Hitman 2 from the PSN store , ie the Gold version? Will it carry over all my achievements and progress?
Thank you very much for your help!


The always-online system will let you keep any progress you have made if you go digital. Once the game finishes connecting to the servers every item, challenge etc will sync up and will be available, as long as you’re still playing on the same PSN account.


Has anyone done this before? I have also the legacy pack and bonus items, ie the aluminum case


Hi there, I have done it and just wanted to share the experience.

It works perfectly and with the Gold Edition I got the Leather Case and could download the Black Midnight Suit for free.

Thanks for the help!