Change the flagging system

Pls change it to where a number of flags cant autolock a thread. This immadummee moron just makes 10 accounts, trolls and then flags himself.

All with the goal of locking a thread. And since the admins arent active its actually working aswell


Agreed with Fortheseven. Highly frustrating.


Also for the love of God start doing IP bans or something, this is ridiculous.


To be honest, stop even mentioning that person’s name. They get off on that infamy. Flag, report, move on.


True, but you see the problem with the current system right.

This needs to be changed

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The whole problem is that flagging too much gets the thread shut down :confused:

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This isn’t a thing the admins can change (or at least I don’t think it is), I think it’s a Discourse problem.

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make me a mod and i reopen topics like that. problem solved Kappa;

Other solution is to have admins that are actually active and do useful stuff, unlike some


I agree with having more active staff, surely there must be a couple of trustworthy people who could help? They could be made staff on a trial basis.


Well 2 of the 3 active mods/admins are on the same continent, possibly timezone - Meaning large chunks of time go by until someone (Usually Jarbinger) has to binge clean up bunch of bullshit. I am sure that gets old.

Not sure what he thinks about it but @ampburner could consider adding a junior moderator to the staff. Someone with good judgement who has the power to lock/unlock threads at the very least. That’d at least help with the flagging problem.


Agree, i wasn’t a member here when @Sketch was active, he was a moderator, but he haven’t been here since 2 april 2016.
Maybe it was better back then?

The forum was less active too, as there wasn’t very much in the way of news. So, fewer problems seemed to occur.

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hell if no one else steps up to be mod, i’ll volunteer. i live in NA though, so i might not be able to help effectively with all of the trolls and troublemakers from different timezones.

PSA: if you see a thread that was created by a user that was designed to be inflammatory and be confrontational. Don’t respond. Simply flag the post. Regulars also have the power to move threads and rename them. I’ve gotten into the habit of when I see a bad thread like that, I just flag it and move it to the lounge so no one can respond to it


20 chars (comprised entirely of these things ^^^^^)

@BernardoOne @cjgarof IP bans exist, but they’re fairly easy to bypass.

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Yes because all our admins don’t have a life outside this forum and all they do when they are online is apparently sitting on their asses all day, acording to some. I know for a fact that a lot of our admins are in the same timezone and that is why they aren’t active on the same time as many of the European or American users.

Keep in mind no one of the HMF staf is paid for their time spent here, they do it willingly. But that said the forum could do with some more levelheaded and dedicated admins and mods to help counter these relentless trolls, who apparently doesn’t have much going on in their life.


He appears to be the only one who’s abused the system like this. However, there doesn’t seem to be an effective way to mitigate the problem which won’t impact legitimate flags.

Automatic thread locks are overall very valuable in aiding moderation. Though my only complaint would be the software not notifying mods that such actions have been taken.

Either way, I’ve opened up the relevant threads. If I’ve missed any, let me know.