Changeable walking speed with mouse wheel


One of the things the PC version of Absolution fell short on was it you couldn’t adjust your walk/crouch speed like you could do with a controller on a console.
Without this advantage on PC it became an annoyance of following NPCs that walked so much slower than you who would stop every time you got too close or end up bumping into them all because of you can’t keep a steady pace with them.

Following Kalvin Ritter as hes escorting you (disguised as Norfolk) to his room in the yacht mission is a fine example of this. it became of having to awkwardly stop every few feet and it completely takes you out of the game.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is one of that i can think of that takes advantage of the mouse wheel feature and I’m surprised it hasn’t caught on.

Another reason is this could be a fine alternative to the sneak mode mechanic that the previous Hitman entries had up to Blood Money.

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For sure, I’ve been wanting this since Absolution and I’ve mentioned in the surveys. A simple fast walking button like in AssCreed would work.


I could vote for this. A sensible use for the mouse wheel outside of the not yet implemented zoom function. It’d definately make slow observation, and escorting npcs, much better as 47 seems to be in a big old hurry right now.


It’s really annoying sometimes,and it was in Absolution too.
I really hope they’ll eventually give us an option on PC,it would make gameplay a lot more fluent


It was such a great idea in Chaos Theory that I don’t understand why no other game uses it!? Ubi must have a patent or something…


This is one of the best features in stealth games today for PC players that use M/KB and would be a much needed addition to the current Hitman


Because everything is supposed to be fast paced nowadays, or it wont sell. Sneaking in games isn’t even sneaking anymore, it’s crouching while walking at normal speeds. Just look how fast paced this new Hitman is, even compared to Absolution, with all these quick and chopped up animations.


At least it isn’t Hitman 2: Silent Assassin knife kill quick. That was ridiculous! :smiley:


So… I would like to see more PC people get behind this. Since playing the console version at a friends place it’s been bugging me that we don’t have the option.

It kinda breaks the immersion when you have to start and stop like an idiot following an NPC. It’s probably become one of my biggest wishes for the game right now, and I’d imagine that it’s actually pretty doable. Does @Travis_IOI or some of the other IO guys have any feedback on this issue?


I’d back it. It’s almost irritating enough that I might play with a controller, and then I can’t shoot for shit. If it’s at all possible to patch this in, I’d massively approve.


I’m behind this 100%. I have mentioned it if not in all the surveys then at least most.

I even plugged in a controller so I can use it in a few select instances, but it’s quite inconvenient and if there is any hint of trouble I have to hop back to kb&mouse, since I haven’t learned the controller layout (which is all over the place for me and non-remappable). The deadzone isn’t especially good for walking NPC pace either, it was much easier in Absolution on console.

I would welcome variable walking speed with great mirth.


I’ve been going on about this since Absolution. Make it happen IO.


I’m all for this. Following someone around is annoying when I have to constantly stop and start again because I’m too fast for them.


I think they don’t even do it well on the controllers. I play with a 360 gamepad on PC and often do the same dancing around because 47’s movement is never just right. The part where you march strandberg to the school in Marrakesh is a great example.

They don’t properly use all of the analog stick to adjust to different speeds.


I haven’t tried that, but from what I’ve seen on some YouTube clips the movement looks pretty smooth when walking slow, of course it looks that way not sure how it actually plays. Another example is the crystal dawn group in Marrakesh when going to meet Zaydan, I had to basically keep stopping and starting if I wanted to keep pace with the group.


I’m really glad I play on console just for this reason, being a dedicated roleplayer who likes to stroll at different speeds while simply taking in the environment or tailing a target.

There isn’t one benefit the PC version of the game has that I’d trade for this ability.

(Well … at least until Hitman starts getting Fallout-style mods. If that happens I’ll be suitably envious. lol)


Same here, let’s keep this thread alive


@Travis_IOI please add this ! :slight_smile:


I’m glad to see people agree. We would love some feedback on this @Travis_IOI :slight_smile:


I’m also PC user here, need ADJUSTABLE WALK SPEED with K/B!