Changeable walking speed with mouse wheel


I know this is an old topic but we really really need this for PC players. I just came back after playing Paris to death and it’s really annoying to have to follow someone (stealthy or not) and have to either walk ahead of them, completely stop every once in a while, or even spin around in a circle to keep the pace. Even popping hitman vision doesn’t slow you down enough.

Having the mouse wheel control the walk speed is obviously the best solution and should be standard in all third person stealth games IMO.


Would be nice of IO to take this into consideration for full release, Along with offline mode for unlocks
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This has been requested since the day of launch by everyone on this forum and in this world (who don’t yet have hitman) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Good that you made your effort.


Yeah, but I don’t believe IO ever adressed it? A lot of PC players would love this, me included. Breaks the immersion with all the start-stop walking! Should be an easy fix, come on IO!


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GOTY / November Update Release Notes
Agent 47's speed comparing to NPC

That’s great news. I was playing today with a controller because I really like being able to control 47’s walking speed - Helps me feel immersed. It’ll make a huge difference for us mouse & keys bros!




@Morten_IOI @Travis_IOI Such stealth


I don’t play on PC because I am on PS4 but I did back a few years ago and agree that this feature in Splinter Cell was such an asset!


Splinter Cell was great in that regard. Only ever played one game but the way you moved extreeemely slow while getting close to someone was great


Yes please we need it


You guys are really too nice for the community :slight_smile:


I think 47 walks too fast even in consoles. It’s maybe an unpopular statement, but it would be nice for him to walk like he does when you barely move the joystick, like he did on previous games, specially Blood Money. He now walks as if he’s rushing somewhere, but we have the Sprint/Run button for that…


I feel tortured when I have to choose between ability to aim efficiently and ability to adjust walking speed.


As people have stated before, it was a fantastic feature in the SC games, it would benefit not only Hitman but other stealth games with adjustable speeds greatly.


Aiming, always. I thought this would be a conundrum for me as well but landing those quick headshots are more important.


For me it’s basically adjust walking speed or operate effectively in general. For example, crouching is select button for me. Reconfigurable controls for the gamepad would be ace.


I am so glad that this is being considered at last!


Just bought F310 Gamepad, finally I can slowmotion walk…

wow it brings more immersion, it is like a new game again.

But overall I still prefer Keyboard & Mouse.


Well good thing I play with a controller.