Changeable walking speed with mouse wheel


Still the same … :unamused:


Guess it’s a not so early acces game where they listen to the feedback of the players…


So this wasn’t present in neither the November or December update. So I guess it’s for the January update then?


They just said they were reading it. It may not happen at all…


I know, I’m just giving the benefit of the doubt and a friendly reminder here.


Yeah , sure :rolling_eyes:


Don’t get your hopes up for January, but I do know of three “community requested features” that is scheduled to be included in the January release…

Professional Difficulty Level

I don’t suppose you’re going to tell us what they are? :joy:


:open_mouth: hype


Oh come on! You are killing us :sweat_smile:

At least the first letter. You know… something like
[H S]
[W C]





You lost me there.

A couple of mine would be :

[V W]


[V B]



Weapon Customization :upside_down_face:


I bet 1 of them is more ducks.


Let’s hope they will finally remove the randomness


Hype? That’s not what he said.


Na thanks. More important things to add / correct.


Like what? I disagree, removing randomness is about 1000x more important than your silly bloodpools


Silly blood pools is part of the randomness :joy:


Hahaha. Come on. You can’t possibly be serious. The timing on which NPCs turn their heads more important than NPCs actually reacting to massive blood pools in the middle of the streets of Sapienza? Something that’s actually important to stealth? I understand is important to you, but is not that important. Not by far.