Changeable walking speed with mouse wheel


If you’re creating “massive blood pools in the middle of the streets of Sapienza” then I think your stealth already went out the window, no?


Yea I agree randomness is not important at all to be considered as an issue.

Edit - I did not knew hash increases font size


Im serious. Removing that is far more important than some roleplay feature


Bloodpool is roleplay feature?


Blood reaction is not a role play feature dude. I am honestly amazed that you ever played the previous Hitman games. Guards finding a blood pool would make them go into “alert mode”, wich would present an extra difficulty if you are trying to infiltrate.


No. That’s the point, see? You can kill a pedestrian in Sapienza with a knife, or a shot to the head, hide the body and nobody would ever notice even though there’s a blood pool in the middle of the map.


Keyboard with analog like functionality!


what is walking? Kappa


Walking - to move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once. :slight_smile:


So walking on hands is not walking?


No, it’s walking on hands.


So why should there be a changeable walk speed if walking is moving at a regular/consequent speed?

Deep af


Because one might want to walk with haste (faster) at one time and slower and more relaxing walk other time. In both cases the speed during whole walking process will be consequent, but their speed in comparison to each other will differ.


January update maybe ? We’ll see… :neutral_face:


Nope. Will not happen. Morten stated that we should not get our hopes up for January update :confused:


Really ??? After 10 months ? :bear:


Look at post 47 of this thread.

Dat coincidence :smile:


Developers considering any updates for adjustable speed of walking ?

There is one more topic on [steam] and people are looking forward to see replies(



It’s been so long I almost forgot about this. :smile:
@Travis_IOI, any chance of seeing this implemented in one of the future updates please?