Changeable walking speed with mouse wheel


Lol would seriously be nice to see this once and for all,I don’t understand why PC version doesn’t have this from beginning.
Absolution PC version didn’t have it either…




Would that really work though?



We don’t have the full list of improvements in the game update from IO yet though. There is hope (not really).


I have a feeling you guys will get this. :crossed_fingers:
But I hope us controller guys get running with instinct too.


what is the randomness ? lol


Fingers crossed guys :crossed_fingers: :grimacing::crossed_fingers:


Bumping this thread in the hope that this will be added to the PC version in November. Still one of the most immersion breaking elements of the game, having to walk/stop/walk/stop every time you’re escorted or escorting.


Obligatory @Lasse_IOI for an update :stuck_out_tongue:


While that’s nice, we got a similar post in this very thread almost two years ago without anything happening.


Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)

i remember a time where you had to press alt to run…



Wow! That’s awesome it’s implemented now! I take it that it’s applicable to HITMAN Season 1 too after HITMAN 2 release?


And it actually has gameplay purpose as well - It’s not just for immersion :slight_smile:


Minefields confirmed :sweat_smile:


Intrigue! Hmm what could it be? Keeping 47’s footsteps quiet? Keeping 47’s heart rate low? Keeping 47’s pants from falling down when he forgets his belt?


Inb4 avoiding to bump NPCs you follow is meant hear. :joy:


AWESOME! Thank you, IOI. This game just keeps getting better and better.