Changes noticed in the new patch

Fast targets on cameras?

Auto Lock on for cameras. Console specifically.

Sniper Rifle Changes:

-The Jaeger Lancer has now a 5 rounds magazine (before: 4 rounds) :cowboy_hat_face::+1:
-The Druzhina 34 is changed :star_struck::+1:
-Lower Recoil
-Better precision (lower scope movement)
-8 Rounds magazine (before 6 rounds)

Now it’s very satisfiying using the Druzhina

That is one of the reasons why i love IO Interactive: They take player feedback serious <3


Oh. I play on PC so I’ve never had auto lock for things.

What is it with the sniper sights in H2? The Jager ones are glowly and sometimes hard to centre, the Sieger red dot is almost impossible to see and the Druzhina’s is very glowy. What’s wrong with just having fully opaque colours instead of the glowy, blurry ones?


Very Inconsistent.

Check out the ending to Fortheseven’s ET here

By all accounts SA shouldn’t be awarded, but he got lucky and the program said he got it.

No, no. Other way around. This should have been SA.

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But weren’t you spotted at the end there?

You totally deserve that SA, but that one guard had an ugly viewcone and then became an unconscious witness as you threw the fish while in his line of sight (for 0.01 seconds). Technically, the scoring is right, but the game luckily messed up and you ended up with a Silent Assassin challenge unlock.


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First off, unconscious witness means nothing. The guy was sitting and about to get up, i threw a non-illegal non-lethal melee at him before he spotted me, his face isn’t turned towards me, he does not respond to my presence at all in the slightest. (not even a face slowly starting to turn, or his body) and then he is ko.

  • Location Mastery trophies/achievements do not unlock after earning Mastery outside of that locations main campaign mission.


  • Certain NPCs can stagger when shot and get caught in specific walls.

  • 47’s shadow is missing on certain suits.

Sorry I’ve not gave you a break IOI :stuck_out_tongue:

  • The new ‘homing’ ability of 47’s briefcase is not strong enough and does not target multiple NPCs.

This is hilarious :joy:


i now checked and no! they still not fixed bug with recoil up when i shoot without aim button(

  • Heating the sauna in Hokkaido kills anyone inside it. Now I had to use the fire alarm + subdue instead. Then Yuki died before I could even block the door.

  • There’s now a guard in the lawyers office, at the security station in Sapienza.

The default option for unlocking doors is a key if you have it now instead of lockpick or crowbar.


I’m pretty sure it’s always been that way.

Before you could heat the Sauna to make the guests leave. Then Yuki would go in.

Now these two die. And if Yuki goes in alone she’ll die before the door is blocked.


Oh I remember that now. Weird must be a bug they introduced.

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It feels so…intentional though. It seems too specific for a bug.

Not in my case.

Just played Hokkaido today, completed the Sauna assassination multiple times (for SA and SA/SO), and the two guys in the room were fine. I turned up the heat, and they left. Yuki entered the sauna, the door closed behind her, and I still managed to block her in without her dying prematurely.

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I tested this on my game (on Professional and Master) and the sauna kill still works like before. (Playing on Xbox.)

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Is that when using the ICA19?