Chasing a Ghost - First impression


This thread is made to post your first impressions about the ‘Chasing a Ghost’ mission in Mumbai, India. :building_construction:

Have fun playing the game! :slight_smile:


Mumbai looks great! i don’t exactly love the one color levels, like Bangkok has a very orange skybox. looks like it will be the same for Mumbai. but i’m sure it will be a great level. lots of verticality, it seems.
and Jacob mentioned that he doesn’t walk under cranes anymore. hmm
oh, and the train too. excited to use that

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I like the dingy yellow feels like what a smoggy Indian city would be like. But yeah one tone levels can be hard to pull off but at least there is various single-colour levels.


This one is exciting to me and I imagine will be a large sprawling city like Marrakesh, I only hope that the space is used better than it was in gilded cage (I always found in that mission that as the two targets stayed in two seperate buildings on either side of the map, it made most the city feel a bit useless). I’m also excited for verticality as judging by the big construction site shown in the trailer, we can climb really high to take that perfect sniper shot. I think verticality is something that often gets forgotten in level design, but it can really elivate a mission for me. I don’t think its a coincidence that the mission in HITMAN that most people didn’t enjoy (colorado) was the one that felt pretty flat.


i personaly dont like yellow levels, its tyring to look at for me…


This is India after all…


this map looks so smiliar to marrakesh


do you realy think, that india is yellow?
mexico is yellow aswell am i right? lol


Well, the sunset is the reason why India’s yellow so…

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Something that will make this level unique: there’s apparently a decoy. The real Maelstrom must be identified. I wonder if this will be randomised each time, like The Fugitive? Otherwise such an objective could become very tiresome. .


That is neither Mexico City or Mumbai, that is Shanghai. That photo is not at sundown like Mumbai. Plus that is a real photo and possibly manipulated


i dont know what town this is, and it might be editied. but the point is, that you cant possibly think, that 2 whole countries have filters XD like come on, things are not yellow just because they are in india .

but i dont care about your opinion to be honest anyway. so just leave it with that :slight_smile:


Just launched for a few minutes this level after completing Santa Fortuna and wow just wow :astonished: the atmosphere, incredible feeling :flushed:


I can definitely take Nightcall being small when 4 levels out of 6 are this fucking big and yet still never empty.

I don’t know how IO does it


Currently playing it and am glad I started with lockpick and the Ghost rifle in a briefcase.

Also, Found a way to add more zoom on the Ghost rifle!



The Kashmirian sequence is maybe my favorite thing in Hitman 2. I found it so surprising. I love when they find new sorts of structure for kills in this game.


Those enforcer-thug upstarts who challenge absolutely anyone ‘they don’t recognise’ make me want a Helmut/Sheik costume and an option to reply. Or at least a disguise that will make them a bit less cocky!

Challenging me as a Bollywood guard, walking in the street, indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Kashmirian stuff (obviously you can utilize it in multiple ways) is absolutely fantastic. When I discovered it I spent a few hours on only that stuff. I think I’ve spotted a suit only Kashmirian strat that I might try to execute soon enough.


Just finished the level. I’m stunned by how big this level is. Before playing I thought this would be Marrakesh 2.0, but it totally isn’t. It’s so different and has such a different, more dangerous vibe to it. I like this one, still need to discover a lot more.

Have you guys seen the train kill btw? Holy shit that was awesome! IOI’s still the best at what they do best.


Little downside of the mission is because it is so big, it was really hard for me to figure out my approach on the first try. Everywhere you go you can pick something up. There’s so much intel and because I’m new to the level I can’t tie sertain intel together, there’s info from multiple opportunities in my ‘inventory’. In the end I killed Vanya Shah with the boiler explosion, Dawood Rangan with the big fan and the Maelstrom as the barber.

This mission is worth every cent. Will definitely play this one a lot more just to try everything and mess around. :+1:


Dude you should totally do The Kashmirian storyline it is amazing.:grinning:

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