Chasing a Ghost - First impression


On my first playthroughs, after identifying Maelstrom I was following him in alleyes. I noticed holy man with umbrella on his back was following Maelstrom at a distance. Stopping where he stopped and walking when he walked. I thought maybe he is his bodyguard disguised as holy man and will attack me once I kill or harm Maelstrom. I thought he is hiding sword in his umbrella. And as Indian I know of people who irl carries swords in umbrella or walking sticks. Not usually but in some cases not unusual. Maybe you can do some things similar like this with future targets. This felt dark, real, and put me on alert. I don’t blame you for not doing it in H2. But I am hoping something similar for H3 or Elusive targets.


That feeling when you just SA SO’ed Mumbai for the first time.


Hey I hate to be a bother but does anyone know how to get Dawood and The Maelstrom to meet under the concrete pipe? Their meeting after assassinating Vanya seems to only take place on the barge.


You can move the crane, the control must be somewhere.


True I will look for it.


I liked this level because of the setup and while I was overwhelmed by size at first, it gets pretty easy to get all the targets even on Master difficulty and it’s the most friendly level with the cameras by far without counting the Bay.

The Maelstrom has to be of the easiest-to-set accidental kills along with the queen. Only the producer gave me a bit of trouble but all was relatively easy for SA/SO. Still, hate the Sniper Assassin challenge in this one.

Eager to know more about The Parisian opportunity. Reads interesting.


This is really a masterpiece. It’s rare that a level feels fluid on the first time through, but Mumbai clicked for me right away. I’ve beaten the game now, and Mumbai is the level I return to most often; I’m still finding new details and opportunities. The way the targets interact and intersect puts it above anything else I’ve played in the series.

Above all, I enjoy the meta-layer this level has in its design. The Kashmirian stories are the most obvious bit of that, but the laundry area having a whole bunch of outfits lying around for you to pick was really clever. It feels not just like a great Hitman level, but a level about Hitman.




Not sure if you have already found it, but you have to move the crane by logging onto a computer in a blue crate within the construction site. It is right near an entrance by the barge/Mumbai primary mission start location. Pretty much head down from the barge till you see an accessible blue crate nearby a gate that allows you to enter the main city.


Found it several hours ago forgot to edit or update. Thanks for the reply anyway.:smile:


Still playing it, still great. Only thing that makes me sad is if you go all the way to the top of the tower thre’s big tarps and sheets stopping you from using it to snipe


True, that really is a lost opportunity. Same in Colombia where there is no place at Rico’s house where you can snipe the village.


The train… Not very accurate. Shouldn’t it be loaded down with hundreds of people on top of it? I know, I know. Redirect it and get 'Non-Target Kill’s for days! :joy:

It does remind of Marrakesch. It might need a specific NPC to follow you around, to berate and finger wag at you like the market guy that followed you around asking you to buy stuff in Mrksh.


I’m enjoying the mission, found it pretty intimidating at first but am now getting into it Have just found out about the assassin, so am enjoying figuring out what you can do with him


Now when I’ve explored this map more I’m really starting to love it. The whole Kashmirian setup is great, I like how you can make him assassinate both Shah and Rangan in two ways. Btw where are the papers the laundy foreman is looking for? I feel like I’ve searched every place nearby. I don’t really understand why the Kashmirian kills both Shah and Rangan tho because I don’t know how he would get money from either of them after doing that. But I haven’t met Maelstrom as him yet so maybe that will make it clear.


It is near the entrance to the laundry district that is facing the trainyard. DANGEROUS SPOILERS The Kashmirian will then go to meet the Maelstrom or you can pretend to be him


Thanks, I think I’ll find it now. :smiley: And yeah, I knew that one.


the bird skull “drapes” alert nearby guards if you walk through them. the drapes act like a sort of doorbell


Not sure what level is biggest, but probably Mumbai with Miami not far behind. Mumbai has a lot of verticality as well as a layout that is harder to create a simplified mental model of, making it feel even bigger than it actually is.


Yeah, Colombia and Miami feel flat in comparison, honestly.