Chasing The Hitman: The Cosmo Faulkner Story

Name: Cosmo Faulkner
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Age: Unknown

Description: Cosmo Faulkner is the average run of the mill police officer who worked for the Chicago P.D. After The Terminus Hotel incident Faulkner would become obsessed in finding the unknown assailant (Blake Dexter) who was behind that fire that took place (Blamed on Agent 47).

He would go on to investigate into the people who came across 47 such as a homeless man describing him as followed “A walking, talking, angel man.” only to anger Cosmo.

Birdy would go on to reach out to Cosmo Faulkner and form an alliance resulting in Cosmo Faulkner being suspended from CPD.

Cosmo’s Report’s

Conclusion: Cosmo Faulkner would go and record his continued investigation on The Hitman via a long since forgotten and deleted Google+ account, but we all know Cosmo is still out there looking for The Hitman til this very day.

kinda enjoyed making this despite it being absolution…i learned 47 was originally suppose to be homeless in Absolution… don’t take this thread seriously :wink: -SwingSwang



Holy shit, i know this dude! its @Mads47


Brilliant! Another cold case solved! Glazed donuts and cheap coffee for all!


That made me truly laugh. usually when I read something funny i just exhale slightly louder than usual, but you made me really laugh. Thanks.

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Wow, thanks man. I mean that, I don’t usually make people laugh like that. Most people just smile, chuckle or go “Hey that is funny”.

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I see what your saying, there is clearly a likeness. But this could easily be Mr.17.