OK, so I found this:

This is… weird. It’s just a throwable, like the apricots and apples, but it’s… illegal to pick up (which is kind of a problem in a room filled with raiders)?

As far as I know this is the only cheeseburger in the entire game. For a fleeting moment I thought this might be part of some way of getting the Master of Ceremonies to do his show on his own, but it does nothing when placed near him (and I am continually frustrated by the way the dialog implies he only needs a little nudge/persuasion or something to calm him down).

Anyone found any kind of use for this or is this just the most random shit ever?


you can find a cheeseburger in Ghost Mode as well. just use it for melee

Well of course. Ghost Mode randomly spawns all of the game items, right?

No. Items are selected by IOI. They didn’t put all the items.


This certainly looks unique. Although I did find it already, I didn’t thought of it as much. As there is also a random cake in one of the guard’s room.
Maybe this is unique to poison someone by placing in plate. But I didn’t find any plates in this mission so far.

i hit somebody with the cheesburger. each of its ingredients has separate physics, that’s about as interesting as it gets

That’s a really cool attention to detail!

I do wonder why apples and the cheeseburger are illegal items to pickup though.

Maybe if you pick up that cheeseburger, the raider will pick up a bat and scream at you “You picked up the wrong cheeseburger, fool!”


Apples aren’t illegal at least if you are a chef.

That illegal thing was a bug. I guess it got patched already.

hmm maybe it throwable nonlethal item?

eureka…you got it

The guard eating it must be pretty hungry.

“Touch my cheeseburger and I’ll shoot”

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I get that it’s humorous, but - really? A cheeseburger that can knock a person out? Wow!


Must say I have no problem with the cheeseburger or muffin, or apple lol.

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Can you poison it?


It’s 2018 and I can’t put a fiber wire, a lockpick, and a sniper briefcase in my loadout at the same time in the hitman game but I can beat someone upside the head with a cheeseburger; good job IOI.




I’ve long longed for them to let us execute unconscious NPCs with blunt weapons so that we can have them be required kill types in Contracts mode. This is the best argument for why. I should definitely be able to make a contract that makes you smother someone with a cheeseburger.

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Found a cheeseburger in a crate in Ghost Mode earlier today. It’s illegal to pick up, but legal to wield.

It’s… really weird. A knockout weapon? Wow. (I bet Wendy’s has some frozen beef joke about that one).
Does this elusive cheeseburger appear in any level? I assume it’s in All-American Whittleton Creek, though I haven’t reached that point yet. [Dumb Chicken! This thread specifically mentions Sgail.]

Interesting item nonetheless.