Chronological order of Hitman


So I was thinking about this the other day and I was wondering what the chronological order of World of Asassination is. For me it would probably be:
The Showstopper
World of tomorrow
A gilded cage
The last yardbird
Club 27
Freedom Fighters
Situs Inversus
A house built on sand
The Icon
The finish line
Three headed serpent
Chasing a ghost
Another life
Patient zero missions (given it is said there are a good few months until the ark society gathering)
The ark society

I was wondering where the bonus missions and sniper maps for H2 would fit into this. I only made this thread cos after all H2 dlc is released I wanna binge the whole of the world of assassination in a day lol


The Icon happened before Landslide. Bosco’s death is referenced by Abiatti


PZ missions probably took place between Club 27 and Freedom Fighters judging by the way how Diana announces the location


I only consider the story missions as canon. The bonus missions, PZ campaign and TLYB don’t count.

Yes, I know there are references to them in some of the dialogue. Subjective opinion.


I take that mindset for elusive targets but not bonus levels mainly cos of the references and cos otherwise the order of missions would simply be Paris to Sgail


Oh ok didn’t know about that. It’s just cos I remember Lafayette talking about Marcos death and also I always thought landslide was “47’s first visit to Sapienza” im probs wrong tho lol