Civilized Conversation: A Primer

It’s a sad reflection on Internet society, that there is a need to remind people how to be civilised.

I don’t visit the forum a lot these days, but when I do, there seems to be much more personal vitriol than before. I tend to skip it because it’s usually petty word wars and sarcastic gifs, but I can’t help but roll my eyes and wonder if some of these people actually have lives. Go out and live your life. You could be a cardiovascular surgeon, a United Nations chief interpreter or the CEO of a multinational corporation if you just stopped bickering like tech savvy children and applying yourselves to more productive avenues. Don’t you have dreams?

I have no idea what this latest argument has been about and I don’t care. Your lives are so very short, years melt away in the blink of an eye, it’s 2019 already. Don’t waste your life.


Few thinks from me:

  1. I don’t agree with OP at all.
  2. These things should be in Forum Guidelines, any new user who join this forum should know that this is left safe-space. All these years you have been bending the general rules for your own convictions and finally you put here how it truly looks.
  3. You decided that Gender assumption/parody jokes or “Triggered” memes are big no no, but you allow for jokes from American flag or people who are against abortion.
  4. Quinn is under special protection from always. He behave like normal troll. He baits different users in different threads, always puts words in other mouths in discussions. As I said above his posts about american flag or last one about Diana with ridiculous statement that we shouldn’t have option to mute her. He loves starting arguments and he has fun when he can offend others. I remember how he played serious role on forum and at the same time mocked discussion participants on Hitman discord server. His Trump and nazi obsession also is really annoying and he spams this content on General News Thread and Funny Pictures one.
  5. You allow him to use vulgar language so you shouldn’t be suprised that some people use insults in this thread. People are just frustrated when they feel wrongfully and will justify their own actions same way you excused Quinn.
  6. It’s really shame that IO isn’t appreciated well enough to have their own forum. It’s not our fault that they decided to make this terribly managed forum official. Due to this all of your “This is my forum so I decide” sounds really stupid.
  7. Your behaviour works against IO Interactive, you effectively reduce the fanbase.
  8. I want to stay on this forum and will respect these “new” rules because there are many awesome users which actually does something useful. Easter eggs, roleplays, speedruns… All of this is amazing content and I don’t want to lost it because you decided to promote your political agenda here.
  9. I know my language isn’t really good but I spent some time to make all of this atleast readable.
  10. I won’t answer to this post. I only wanted to share my opinion, that’s all.

What jar is restricting in the OP is affecting in 90% the cases the Off-Topic discussions. I guess IO doesn’t care for the OT part here. The On-Topic on this forum works very well, people help new user with technical problems, contracts get shared and played, Groups work on catching Easer Eggs and so on.

IO is quite limited in their capabilities. If we expect them to fix bugs, then we cannot say they should invest money into a board, staff, servers and legal capabilities they need for this. I like them to focus their money on the game.

This is not the point of a forum.

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How can you say this with a straight face?

The fact you’re not capable of seeing the difference between the former two and the latter two is rather telling.

No i’m not. I’ve been suspended recently and have lost my regular status for all eternity. It’s never coming back, much like yours. My “special protection” only exists in your own head.

I posted that in a thread called "The Unpopular Opinions Thread. I’m really not sure what you were expecting.

If you don’t want people to laugh at the president, don’t elect a joke.

And I am sorry that I have to talk about Actual Nazis in the General News Thread but unfortunately global fascism is having a bit of a resurgence lately in case you hadn’t noticed.


this forum is a safe space for the sensitive left! now excuse me while I make a 10 point post about how these rules offend me




What point are you trying to make? That Jarbinger having liked my posts is evidence of collusion or something?

This “Quinnspiracy” is really stupid. People have been suggesting i’ve been getting favours from either IO themselves or the forum moderators since as far back as 2012.

Not these man. I love helicopter jokes. I find them hillarious. Also at the same time I respect everyone and every gender.
It’s not mutually exclusive.
If I laugh at the intent of jokes. We know they are created to mock different genders.
But as we grow in time and space we become more aware of the reality and accepting different kind of genders. Remembering those jokes and using them is like having fun with your friends.
I am sure there are people with other genders who also find these jokes hillarious.


That’s not the point I was making. You can see the post that I replied to.

Liking a post is not a form of “direct communication”. Also, this version of Hitmanforum has existed since June 2014 so if you think liking a few hundred posts over 4 and a half years is some form of collusion then I don’t know what to tell you.

Technically it is his forum. He own it and pay for it. Maybe others contribute to pay as well. I don’t know. So if he tries to regulate conversation nobody should be complaining. You have other forums if you don’t want to be here.

I don’t agree with many of the responses and arguments made in this thread, in fact I agree with most of what the OP says, but this is common sense yeah. There is a difference between humour and discrimination. Humour exaggerates. Discrimination does not. Exaggerations exist as parodies of real world concepts, a means through which people are able to look at “the funny side” of things, which is an important part for many people, myself included, in maintaining decent mental health. “Triggered” and “assume my gender” memes (which, as an aside, I don’t find humorous, not that this validates my argument or anything but some wack ass motherfucker was gonna accuse of me only defending these memes cos I like em, which is not the case at all) are obviously exaggerations.

By blurring the otherwise extremely clear line between exaggeration and discrimination by implying that “triggered” and “assume my gender” memes are discriminatory, you are censoring humour, not discrimination.

Bad example coming up, but it’s the only one I can think of to illustrate my point at the moment; what about those wack ass Chad vs Virgin memes? By the logic of the OP, do those not discriminate against virgins and successful people? The virgin character is portrayed as a total loser, and the Chad character a brainless monster. Is that not an offensive and discriminatory generalisation of those types of people? Should that not then be banned on this forum?

How about “blondes are dumb” jokes? Blonde people can’t help the fact that they’re blonde, so why are those jokes okay?

People can live however they want dude. I have no problem with anybody as long as they treat me with respect and fairness; and I strive to do the same for others. I’ve got no bias or ill feelings towards any group of people in particular, only individuals. And the thing about these “triggered” and “assume my gender” jokes is that they don’t attack either groups or individuals, they poke fun at concepts by spinning them into something far more ridiculous than what the reality of it is and that is what makes them funny for people. If they were attacks on the actual groups of people associated with that concept then they would be worded far harsher and then it would become discrimination.


Welcome to Providence. Your responsibility is the video game industry. We expect an update in one month.

I’m not sure this thread was a good idea, @Jarbinger, at least not so soon after the “politics of Hitman” thread.

You’re inviting the thing you scolded many about: a derail.

Perhaps wait until the mood calms before posting this? Regardless, too late for that.

This is not how we should bring in the new year.

I’ve come to the conclusion that things outside of Hitman do not belong on this forum.

Especially because no one likes my music posts! :sob:

I wouldn’t go that far, but shit like the news thread and other political discussions? That shit, just like the “public friendly insult banter” described in the OP, should be kept on lockdown and discussed in private. It’s created too much division and personal vendettas in this community that would not exist otherwise.

Agent4T7 is an example. And though he may have been all of the things people call him these days, would it not have been better to never find these things out about him? He was a loved and well respected member of the community prior to that whole drama. One whose contributions created positivity and a friendly atmosphere.

It is inevitable that, when a community as close and tightly-knit as Hitman Forum exists, these discussions will happen. But to give people a platform to discuss something as sensitive and potentially offensive as politics will only result in negativity and bad blood, as we’ve seen.

I’m unfamiliar with this user. I’m fairly new to the forum, just joined in early November

I concur. Sometimes it’s best not to have the discussion in the first place, if it’ll only lead to arguments. I’ve never seen political discussions end amicably. But it’s a difficult decision to make because preventing those discussions would essentially be censoring the topics on this forum.
It’s fine line between open discussion and polite selection.

Yeah sorry amigo I was mostly just preaching in that post lol. He joined in mid-2016 I think? He was hella active and posted a ton, lots of people liked him. Very friendly and fun dude. He was banned very recently for spouting some baaaaaaad (I’m talking bad) shit though following a dispute in the news thread. I don’t know if other people feel the same way, or if he slowly became more and more more like this over time, I was away from this joint for a while so I don’t know, but for me personally I was pretty shocked when this dude who I considered a good person seemed like somebody totally different after what went on

This already happens

  1. “left safe-space” :joy:

  2. one of those things actually hurts disadvantaged people. the other does not.

  3. you were on a thread called “the unpopular opinion thread”, of course someone is gonna say something controversial about hitman. i’ve posted unpopular opinions too, like how i hate most of the level-specific suits, but people moved on.
    big deal, quinn hates trump and nazis… so what? trump and nazis are trash

  4. like i said before, if you are upset that quinn said “fuck off” to an idiot who wanted a hitman mission where you assassinate a college professor who trains ANTEEEFUH supersoldiers, then get over it

  5. i’d rather IOI use their budget to make great games. if they make their own forum then they have to hire staff, pay for servers, etc

  6. more like jar is getting rid of toxic members, if you ask me

  7. “political agenda” right, and people whining that they cannot make ‘i identify as an apache helicopter’ jokes don’t have a political agenda :roll_eyes: